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Enamine breidt samenwerking uit met vooraanstaande Zwitserse biotech

Een nieuwe meerjarige overeenkomst voor het ontdekken van geneesmiddelen zal zich toespitsen op het ontdekken van CNS-geneesmiddelen

KIEV, Oekraïne– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Enamine Ltd., een leverancier van diensten voor het ontdekken van geneesmiddelen die beschikt over ‘s werelds grootste collecties bouwstenen, fragmenten en screeningsverbindingen, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het zijn langdurige onderzoekssamenwerking met Addex Therapeutics Ltd (SIX : ADXN en Nasdaq: ADXN), een farmaceutisch bedrijf in de klinische fase dat gespecialiseerd is in het ontdekken en ontwikkelen van geneesmiddelen op basis van allosterische modulatie. Enamine voorziet Addex van zijn geïntegreerde capaciteit in medicinale chemie, farmacologie en ADME/PK (absorptie, distributie, metabolisme, excretie/ farmacokinetiek) om Addex ‘kleinmoleculaire CNS-geneesmiddelen ontdekkingsprogramma’s efficiënt te ondersteunen.

Enamine Extend Collaboration With Prominent Swiss Biotech

A new multi-year drug discovery agreement will focus on CNS drug discovery

KYIV, Ukraine–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Enamine Ltd. a provider of drug discovery services empowered with the world’s largest collections of building blocks, fragments and screening compounds announced today that it has extended its long-standing research collaboration with Addex Therapeutics Ltd (SIX: ADXN and Nasdaq: ADXN), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company specialized in allosteric modulation-based drug discovery and development. Enamine is providing Addex with its integrated capability in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and ADME/PK (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion/Pharmacokinetics) to efficiently support Addex’s small molecule CNS drug discovery programs.

The collaboration is established under a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) model, serving optimally the various research programs, with Addex Therapeutics owning all resulting Intellectual Property Rights.

“Over many years of collaboration, we have witnessed the enabling technology developments of Enamine in areas such as parallel chemistry, analytics, ADME and biophysical screening methods,” commented Jean-Philippe Rocher, Co-Head of Discovery and Member of the Executive Management of Addex Therapeutics. “We have been particularly impressed with Enamine’s sharp focus on the needs of our programs and their commitment to customer service. The immediate access we have to a broad chemical space coupled with Enamine’s large synthetic toolbox has a direct positive impact to advance our lead finding activities.”

Michael Bossert, Head Strategic Alliances at Enamine added: “In the world of turmoil of last year, Enamine was adequately adapting to the challenges, allowing another year of record revenue achievement. Our continued innovation in chemistry and our unique stock of over 225,000 building blocks available to our chemists benefit to our customers and their discovery of the next stream of medicines.” He continued: “We are delighted to extend our collaboration with Addex Therapeutics; we are moving forward into 2021 with a great excitement.”

About Enamine Ltd. www.enamine.net

Established in Kyiv in 1991, Enamine is a global leading designer and largest producer of building blocks (225,000+), fragments (172,000+) and screening libraries (2.5M+ compounds). Enamine provides expertise in advanced organic synthesis, library synthesis, medicinal chemistry. In 2011 Enamine established a pre-clinical service unit including ADME, in-vivo PK studies and High Throughput Screening under the brand name “Bienta”, allowing the company to tackle since that time fully integrated or à-la-carte research programs.

About Addex Therapeutics https://www.addextherapeutics.com

Addex Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of an emerging class of novel orally available small molecule drugs known as allosteric modulators for neurological disorders. Allosteric modulators offer several potential advantages over conventional non-allosteric molecules and may offer an improved therapeutic approach to conventional “orthosteric” small molecule or biological drugs. Addex’s allosteric modulator drug discovery platform targets receptors and other proteins that are recognized as essential for therapeutic intervention. Addex is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market and is trading under the ticker symbol “ADXN”.


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