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Mybiopassport lanceert bloedtesten voor gepersonaliseerde immuniteit, sportprestaties en voeding

GENÈVE– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Mybiopassport.com, het platform opgezet door CoreMedica Europe, een Zwitsers biotechnologiebedrijf met hun Swissmedic geautoriseerd laboratorium gevestigd in Genève, kondigde vandaag de lancering aan van hun “Nutritional Profile” en “Sport Performance Profile” -tests , die een aanvulling vormen op hun huidige “Immuniteitsprofiel” – en “COVID-19” -tests

Mybiopassport stelt bloedafnametesten voor om iedereen te helpen de “helden van hun eigen gezondheid” te worden. Individuen kunnen nu slechts een paar druppels bloed bij hen thuis afhalen en hun monsters per gewone vooruitbetaalde post sturen naar het geautoriseerde laboratorium van het bedrijf in Genève, Zwitserland, om de niveaus van belangrijke biomarkers te bepalen waarvan bekend is dat ze sportprestaties, gezonde voeding en het immuunsysteem. De tests kunnen worden besteld op www.mybiopassport.com en gepersonaliseerde resultaten worden aan elk individu geleverd op het online portaal via een eenvoudige aanmeldingsprocedure.

Mybiopassport Launches Personalized Immunity, Sport Performance and Nutrition blood tests

GENEVA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Mybiopassport.com, the platform set-up by CoreMedica Europe, a Swiss biotechnology company with their Swissmedic authorized laboratory based in Geneva, announced today the launch of their “Nutritional Profile” and “Sport Performance Profile” tests, which will complement their current “Immunity Profile” and “COVID-19” tests

Mybiopassport proposes at-home blood collection tests to help anyone become the “heroes of their own health”. Individuals can now collect only a few drops of blood at their homes and send their samples by regular prepaid mail to the company’s authorized laboratory located in Geneva, Switzerland, to determine the levels of key biomarkers known to support sport performance, a healthy nutrition, and the immune system. The tests can be ordered at www.mybiopassport.com and personalized results are delivered to each individual on the online portal through a simple sign-up procedure.

The purposes of these tests are as follows :

  • Nutritional– A tool informing the client of their current nutritional status based on past habits and providing personalized recommendations on how to correct any deficiencies or excesses through nutrition. The first of its kind, this test provides information about the levels of micronutrients belonging to all four classes of essential micronutrients, namely vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. These are all linked to specific bodily functions (fatigue, sleep, anxiety, etc.) making this test the most comprehensive and informative on the market.
  • Sport Performance– A tool developed to help amateur and professional athletes determine if their performance related biomarkers are at their optimal levels to allow them to perform at their best. All the biomarkers tested are linked to specific sport related functions, such as recovery , muscle growth, energy delivery, or even as specific as exercise induced joint pain.
  • Immunity– The COVID-19 & Immunity Profile, powered by Mybiopassport, lets clients know if they were previously infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus through the development of specific antibodies. More importantly, the Immunity Profile test also delivers actionable nutritional recommendations based on a set of key biomarkers known to support the immune system, including vitamin D, zinc and magnesium.

It is now widely accepted that the first step towards a healthy body is good nutrition. Indeed, multiple studies have shown that the risks of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even dementia are strongly linked to long-term nutritional habits. Recent scientific reports and publications have highlighted the role of nutrition, optimal micronutrient status and a well-functioning immune system as a modifiable factor in reducing the risk of viral infections and their severity. These publications highlight the key role of a good nutritional status for a well-functioning immune system.

Mybiopassport’s mission is clearly to democratize access to specific health-related information and to give people the means to not only understand, but also act on their health through nutrition and lifestyle. They firmly believe in individual empowerment and that the access to personalized health information is the first step towards preventing potential health issues.

Mybiopassport relies on a unique technology in the personalized analysis of biological data on three main axes:

  • Pre-analytical with the easy collection of a few drops of blood anywhere, at any time and by anyone,
  • Analytical, with the measurement of an unprecedentedly large number of phenotypic biomarkers, via a unique know-how developed over several years,
  • Post-analytical, providing not only a scientific result, but personalized recommendations based on a patented technology applied in several fields, such as immunity, nutrition, sport, longevity and anti-aging.

Individuals can now collect a few drops of blood from the comfort and safety of their homes and send their samples by prepaid regular mail to Mybiopassport’s laboratory in Geneva.

The Nutritional, Sport Performance and Immunity tests can be ordered at www.mybiopassport.com and personalized results are delivered to each individual on the online portal with test results reviewed by health professionals.

About CoreMedica Europe:

As a background, BioKaizen, founded in Switzerland and born from developers of the athlete biological passport to detect drug use for the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee, has developed a mass spectrometry technology platform to identify a person’s nutritional profile using dried blood. Following the merger with BioKaizen in 2018 and its recent acquisition by Swiss Medical Group Holding Luxembourg SA, CoreMedica Europe expanded its offering globally to include personalized nutrition and sport performance information that empowers customers with information to help actively manage their health.


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