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B-Secur ontvangt goedkeuring van de FDA voor zijn HeartKey® ECG / ECG-technologie

Breidt portfolio uit over gezondheid, welzijn en gebruikersidentificatie voor inzet in de consumentensector en medische technologie

BELFAST, Noord-Ierland– (BUSINESS WIRE) – B-Secur, een leider in ECG / ECG-technologie, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het de goedkeuring heeft gekregen van de Amerikaanse Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510 (K) voor zijn HeartKey®-softwarebibliotheek1.

De HeartKey® van B-Secur is een reeks krachtige ECG / ECG-algoritmen die op unieke wijze gebruikersidentificatie, gezondheid en welzijn combineren om nauwkeurige gegevens te genereren die zijn versleuteld via de unieke hartslag van de gebruiker, die nu kan worden geïmplementeerd op verschillende apparaten in thuis- of zorgomgevingen, met de mogelijkheid om embedded te draaien op het apparaat, op de applicatielaag en zelfs via de cloud.

De FDA-goedgekeurde HeartKey®-algoritmen kunnen snel en eenvoudig worden geïntegreerd in halfgeleiders voor een breed scala aan apparaten in de sectoren consumentenwelzijn, gezondheidsmonitoring en medische technologie, waardoor een snelle integratie van ECG- / ECG-software van medische kwaliteit met die apparaten mogelijk is. Het biedt ook het potentieel voor alle toonaangevende fabrikanten van technologieapparaten en zorgverleners om geavanceerde gezondheids- en gezondheidsgegevens van medische kwaliteit te genereren vanaf elk apparaat en platform.

B-Secur Receives FDA Regulatory Clearance For Its HeartKey® EKG/ECG Technology

Expands portfolio across Health, Wellness and User Identification for deployment in consumer and medical technology sectors

BELFAST, Northern Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– B-Secur, a leader in EKG/ECG technology, today announced that it has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(K) clearance of its HeartKey® software library1.

B-Secur’s HeartKey® is a suite of powerful EKG/ECG algorithms that uniquely combine user identification, health and wellness to generate accurate data encrypted through the user’s unique heartbeat, which can now be implemented across devices in home or healthcare environments, with the ability to run embedded on device, on the application layer and even via the cloud.

The FDA-cleared HeartKey® algorithms can be quickly and easily integrated in semiconductors for a broad range of devices in the consumer wellness, health monitoring and medical technology sectors, enabling rapid integration of medical-grade EKG/ECG software with those devices. It also provides the potential for all leading technology device manufacturers and healthcare service providers to generate advanced medical-grade wellness and health data from any device and platform.

This significant development from B-Secur comes at an important time for cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is the No. 1 cause of death globally with an estimated 17.9 million people dying from the disease each year, representing 31% of all global deaths2.

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic led to additional health complications for those with underlying heart conditions. The virus has also caused irreparable cardiac damage and arrhythmias in people with no underlying heart issues, making heart health and remote monitoring a key priority for patients, clinicians and health service providers around the world. Developed and optimised for everyday devices, HeartKey® provides the ultimate flexibility in integration, truly enabling “EKG/ECG Everywhere.”

Dr. Andrew Mitchell, Consultant Cardiologist at Jersey General Hospital and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, UK, welcomed the development commenting, “It is excellent and very timely to hear that B-Secur has received FDA clearance for its HeartKey® library. Heart rhythm conditions affect one in four adults, yet many have no awareness that they have a problem that could lead to stroke or heart failure. With the increasing availability of wearable and IoT devices, FDA-cleared solutions like HeartKey® give patients and their doctors additional tools to detect these rhythms early.”

“The inspiration around EKG/ECG and HeartKey® is being able to take biometrics to the next level, enabling the development of trusted biosensing technology,” Alan Foreman, CEO at B-Secur commented. “With HeartKey®, EKG/ECG is used to determine who you are and how you are at the same time, and can help protect lives, data, and devices. With heart disease being the world’s single biggest killer, we are perfectly positioned to help save lives.”

“HeartKey® has been developed to enable scalability of medical grade EKG/ECG across IoT devices, and the award of FDA clearance is testament to HeartKey®’s performance and the very talented team behind it,” Adrian Condon, CTO at B-Secur added. “This clearance should significantly aid our partners and customers increase the speed to market for their technology.”

FDA clearance has been granted for the following EKG/ECG feature algorithms: Signal Conditioning, Heart Rate and Arrhythmia Analysis. The HeartKey® Arrhythmia Analysis algorithm currently includes Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia and Tachycardia. As a lot of arrhythmias are typically transient, they are difficult to catch in hospital. With 33 million people experiencing Atrial Fibrillation worldwide, HeartKey®’s FDA-cleared algorithms can support in the detection and management of arrhythmias outside of the traditional hospital environment, allowing clinicians to make more accurate clinical decisions based on larger amounts of data.

FDA clearance of the HeartKey® software library ensures B-Secur customers and partners can have confidence in its world-leading algorithm performance and accuracy. The fully validated, turnkey solution with FDA clearance will ease integration — reducing development time and costs as well as driving speed to market for end devices.

About B-Secur

B-Secur is the next generation in biometrics, creating software solutions that use ECG/EKG biometrics for user authentication and beyond, to health and wellness metrics. We develop licensing partnerships for unique, tailored solutions based on security and health monitoring. Learn more: https://www.b-secur.com

1 Access to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) HeartKey® clearance details for software library K200884.pdf
2 World Health Organisation, https://www.who.int/en/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/cardiovascular-diseases-(cvds)


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