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Fibocom levert eersteklas commerciële nuSIM IoT-module

SHENZHEN, China– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), een toonaangevende wereldwijde leverancier van IoT (Internet of Things) draadloze oplossingen en draadloze communicatiemodules, kondigt aan dat het zal samenwerken met Deutsche Telekom, ‘s werelds toonaangevende geïntegreerde telecommunicatiebedrijf , en Redtea Mobile, een baanbrekende aanbieder van connectiviteitsoplossingen, om een commerciële nuSIM-module van topklasse te leveren. Fibocom MA510-GL is een wereldwijde LPWA multi-RAT module (GPRS / NB / LTE-M) die veel gebruikt wordt in slimme meters, slim parkeren, draagbare apparaten, asset tracking en smart city-toepassingen.

nuSIM is een geïntegreerde SIM-oplossing speciaal voor de IoT-markt, waardoor IoT-toepassingen het gebruik van fysieke SIM-kaarten kunnen elimineren. De nuSIM-functionaliteit is volledig geïntegreerd in de modulechips. Hierdoor biedt de module duidelijke ontwerpvoordelen met een minimale hardware- en softwarebasis en aanzienlijke ruimtebesparing op de printplaat. Deze voordelen zullen uiteindelijk tot uiting komen in een kleinere apparaatgrootte, lagere apparaatkosten en een lager energieverbruik. Door de SIM-functionaliteit te optimaliseren, laadinterfaces voor profielen te optimaliseren en de afhankelijkheid van SMS en zwaar eSIM-protocol weg te nemen, is het stroomverbruik van de nuSIM-module tot 90% lager dan bij de traditionele SIM-oplossing, waardoor het ideaal is voor mobiele IoT-apparaten die een langere levensduur van de batterij vereisen . Zonder te vertrouwen op fysieke SIM-kaartsleuven, biedt de nuSIM-oplossing ook voordelen in verbeterde gegevensbeveiliging en betere bescherming tegen stof, vocht, temperatuur en trillingen.

Fibocom to Deliver Top-Class Commercial-Ready nuSIM IoT Module

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solution and wireless communication modules, announces that it will collaborate with Deutsche Telekom, a world’s leading integrated telecommunications company, and Redtea Mobile, a pioneering connectivity solution provider, to deliver a top-class commercial-ready nuSIM module. Fibocom MA510-GL is a global LPWA multi-RAT module (GPRS/NB/LTE-M) that is widely used in smart meters, smart parking, wearable devices, asset tracking and smart city applications.

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Fibocom collaborates with Deutsche Telekom and Redtea Mobile to deliver a top-class commercial-ready nuSIM IoT Module - Fibocom MA510 module. (Graphic: Fibocom)

Fibocom collaborates with Deutsche Telekom and Redtea Mobile to deliver a top-class commercial-ready nuSIM IoT Module – Fibocom MA510 module. (Graphic: Fibocom)

nuSIM is an integrated SIM solution dedicated to the IoT market, allowing IoT applications to eliminate the use of physical SIM cards. The nuSIM functionality is fully integrated into the module chips. That allows the module to offer clear design advantages in minimum hardware and software footprint and significant space savings on the PCB. These advantages will ultimately be reflected in smaller device size, reduced device cost and lower power consumption. By optimizing SIM functionality, profile load interfaces and removing the dependency on SMS & heavy eSIM protocol, the power consumption of the nuSIM module is up to 90% lower than the traditional SIM solution, making it ideal for mobile IoT devices that demand extended battery life. Without relying on physical SIM card slots, the nuSIM solution will also address benefits in improved data security and better protection from dust, moisture, temperature and vibrations.

“Fibocom is glad to be an early mover on the commercial launch of nuSIM module. The nuSIM technology will be an ideal solution for the massive rollout of mobile IoT devices. Through the great simplicity, outstanding cost performance, the ultra-low power consumption of the MA510 nuSIM module, Fibocom will be able to deliver competitive advantages to customers in diverse vertical industries, allowing them to bring IoT solutions to market with the lowest capital and time investment,” said Lars Thyroff, Managing Director, Fibocom EMEA.

“I am proud to see our nuSIM initiative growing with IoT modules from Fibocom,” adds Stefan Kaliner, Head of UICC Development at Deutsche Telekom. “We defined an integrated SIM, straight forward and yet secure, to answer an obvious market need. With Fibocom on board we are able to cover another large chunk of the IoT market, bringing simplicity to where it makes sense.”

“We are honored to work with industry pioneers including Deutsche Telekom and Fibocom to demonstrate our value in the shared ecosystem by jointly providing a commercial-ready means for SIM innovation to simplify deployment and optimize cellular connectivity in the IoT space globally,” said Xiaodong Guo, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Projects at Redtea Mobile. “The new nuSIM module will be an ultra-low power product that can bring clear benefits of lower costs, higher SIM dispatch efficiency, streamlined SIM lifecycle management, and overall design simplicity to our customer.

About Fibocom

Founded in 1999, Fibocom is a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solution and wireless communication modules. We are committed to bringing reliable, accessible, secure, and intelligent wireless solutions to every IoT application scenario for the increasingly digitalized industries and enriched smart life of the whole society. In 2017, Fibocom become the first stock-listed (Stock Code: 300638) wireless module provider in China.

We provide technically advanced and high-performance 5G, 4G, NB-IoT/eMTC, 3G, and 2G, smart, auto-grade, GNSS, Wi-Fi/BT wireless modules. By technically embedding Fibocom’s wireless solutions into IoT devices that will become smart and remotely manageable with stable data transmission between devices and operation center, we empower the intelligent future of all industries that mainly include smart retail, ACPC (Always Connected PC), industry 4.0, smart grid, smart homes, smart agriculture, smart cities, telemedicine, metering, smart security surveillance, and the intelligently connected cars, etc. We have many long-term industry customers including Fortune Global 500 enterprises, which is an important driven power of our fast development.

Fibocom is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has R&D centers in both Shenzhen and Xi’an. We are globally located with more than 30 subsidiaries and regional operation centers in China, Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific Regions. Currently, we have more than 1000 global employees, and provide products and services in more than 100 countries and regions.


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