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C3 AI vindt zonder code AI opnieuw uit met de introductie van C3 AI Ex Machina

Nieuwe C3 AI Ex Machina is de enige oplossing zonder code die iedereen kan gebruiken om bruikbare AI-gebaseerde inzichten te genereren

REDWOOD CITY, Californië – (BUSINESS WIRE) – C3 AI (NYSE: AI), ‘s werelds toonaangevende leverancier van AI-software voor bedrijven, heeft vandaag de algemene beschikbaarheid aangekondigd van C3 AI® Ex Machina, een volgende generatie voorspellende analyse applicatie die iedereen in staat stelt AI-gebaseerde inzichten ontwikkelen, schalen en produceren zonder code te schrijven.

Analisten, operators en materiedeskundigen in alle bedrijfstakken en bedrijfsfuncties worden steeds meer gevraagd om voorspellende en prescriptieve inzichten te ontwikkelen die zijn samengesteld uit enorme en ongelijksoortige datasets. Hoewel er veel tools zonder code beschikbaar zijn die de drempel verlagen voor gebruikers om ML-modellen te bouwen en data-analyse uit te voeren, biedt geen enkele tool end-to-end-mogelijkheden waarmee ze het vereiste volume en de verscheidenheid aan data kunnen vastleggen en verwerken, automatisch interpreteerbare AI-modellen en productiseren, implementeren en schalen van de resultaten binnen hun bedrijf. De huidige tools voor voorspellende analyse zijn doorgaans gecompliceerd in het gebruik en beperken het vermogen van hun inzichten om echte bedrijfsresultaten te behalen.

C3 AI Reinvents No Code AI with the Introduction of C3 AI Ex Machina

New C3 AI Ex Machina is the Only No-Code Solution That Anyone Can Use to Generate Actionable AI-Based Insights

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the world’s leading provider of enterprise AI software, today announced the general availability of C3 AI® Ex Machina, a next-generation predictive analytics application that empowers anyone to develop, scale, and produce AI-based insights without writing code.

Analysts, operators, and subject matter experts across all industries and business functions are increasingly required to develop predictive and prescriptive insights compiled from vast and disparate datasets. While there are many no-code tools available that lower the barrier for users to build ML models and perform data analysis, none provide end-to-end capabilities that enable them to capture and process the volume and variety of data required, automatically generate interpretable AI models, and productize, deploy, and scale the results across their company. Current predictive analytics tools are typically complicated to use and limit the ability of their insights to drive real business outcomes.

C3 AI Ex Machina is the only end-to-end, no-code predictive analytics solution that enables individuals, teams, and enterprises to:

  • Rapidly and flexibly access and prep petabytes of disparate data with prebuilt connectors to data sources such as Snowflake, S3, ADLS, Databricks, and more.
  • Build and manage AI models without writing code using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface supported by powerful AutoML.
  • Drive company-wide results by seamlessly publishing predictive insights to enterprise systems or custom business applications.
  • Scale cloud resources to meet needs in a modern, cloud-native application while only paying for resources used.
  • Grow with confidence by integrating and expanding on the C3 AI Suite, the platform that powers billions of AI predictions for the world’s largest companies.

Con Edison’s data analysts use C3 AI Ex Machina to identify malfunctioning meters in near-real-time, realizing significant business value. “C3 AI Ex Machina empowers our analysts to easily harness all our data and assess reliability and safety risks. Our AMI Operations group recently used C3 AI Ex Machina to build predictive models that identified hazardous electric meters at risk of overheating. Using C3 AI Ex Machina, our business analysts are now able to evaluate near-real-time risk scores and immediately schedule prioritized field inspections,” said Chris Brownlee, Department Manager at Con Edison. “C3 AI Ex Machina has dramatically simplified and accelerated our ability to build and deploy machine learning models to address use cases that proactively identify risks and provide safer, more reliable service to our customers.”

C3 AI Ex Machina enables anyone to apply the power of predictive analytics to their business and play a role in the increasing digitization of company operations. The application allows users to solve a limitless range of complex use cases, including customer churn prevention, supplier delay mitigation, asset reliability prediction, and fraud detection – all supported by the robust platform enterprise AI capabilities of the C3 AI Suite.

“C3 AI Ex Machina enables anyone to combine their business expertise with no-code AI to deliver predictive insights that their company can take informed action against,” said C3 AI President and CTO Ed Abbo. “C3 Ex Machina offers a tried, tested, and proven path to rapid enterprise AI application development and deployment. It empowers anyone with subject matter expertise to significantly improve their organization’s ability to make timely and contextual data-driven decisions.”

Learn more about C3 AI Ex Machina and try the application at https://c3.ai/products/c3-ai-ex-machina/.

About C3 AI

C3 AI (NYSE:AI) is a leading provider of Enterprise AI software for accelerating digital transformation. C3 AI delivers a family of fully integrated products: C3 AI® Suite, an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and operating large-scale AI applications; C3 AI Applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS AI applications; C3 AI CRM, a suite of industry-specific CRM applications designed for AI and machine learning; and C3 AI Ex Machina, a no-code AI solution to apply data science to everyday business problems. The core of the C3 AI offering is an open, model-driven AI architecture that dramatically simplifies data science and application development. Learn more at: www.c3.ai


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