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XYLEM Trading Ltd gaat een putoptie-overeenkomst aan voor 35 miljoen USD met LDA Capital om een meerderheidsbelang te verwerven in Madison Financial Services Plc (MFIN: ZL)

LUSAKA, Zambia– (BUSINESS WIRE) – XYLEM Trading Ltd (“Xylem”) is verheugd aan te kondigen dat het een putoptie-overeenkomst (“overeenkomst”) is aangegaan met LDA Capital Limited (“LDA Capital”), een wereldwijde alternatieve investering groep, met het oog op het verwerven van een meerderheidsbelang in Madison Financial Services Plc (“Madison” of “Bedrijf”), een gediversifieerde financiële dienstverleningsgroep die genoteerd staat op de Lusaka Stock Exchange. LDA Capital heeft ingestemd met een eigen vermogenstoezegging van maximaal USD 35.000.000 (“Bedrag van de toezegging”) te gebruiken in de komende 36 maanden.

Volgens deze overeenkomst heeft Madison het recht, maar niet de verplichting, om kapitaal op te nemen zoals vereist. De vennootschap zal de timing en het bedrag van het opgenomen kapitaal onder deze overeenkomst controleren. Deze methode van fondsenwerving biedt het management een flexibel financieringsinstrument en stelt Madison Financial in staat om contant geld in te zetten wanneer dat nodig is.

XYLEM Trading Ltd enters into a Put Option Agreement for USD 35 million with LDA Capital to acquire a controlling stake in Madison Financial Services Plc (MFIN:ZL)

LUSAKA, Zambia–(BUSINESS WIRE)– XYLEM Trading Ltd (“Xylem”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Put Option Agreement (“Agreement”) with LDA Capital Limited (“LDA Capital”), a global alternative investment group, for the purposes of acquiring a controlling stake in Madison Financial Services Plc (“Madison” or “Company”), a diversified financial services group listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange. LDA Capital has agreed to an equity commitment for up to USD 35,000,000 (“Commitment Amount”) to be utilized over the next 36 months.

Under this agreement, Madison shall have the right, but not the obligation, to draw down capital as required. The Company will control the timing and amount of capital drawn down under this Agreement. This method of fundraising provides management with a flexible financing tool and allows Madison Financial the ability to deploy cash on an as-needed basis.

LDA Capital will be granted warrants to subscribe for ordinary shares of up to seven-and-a-half percent (7.5%) of the outstanding common stock of the Company on a fully diluted basis, exercisable at any time during the term of the Agreement.

The Chief Investment Officer of Xylem Trading (the new controlling shareholder in Madison Financial Services Plc), Mr. Grant Flanagan, stated:

“This transaction, incorporating US$35m funding support from LDA Capital, puts Madison back on a strong financial footing, enabling the business to continue to operate smoothly and with the full confidence of all stakeholders. With a strengthened balance sheet, Xylem and LDA Capital’s ongoing support, Madison will be well positioned to win future new business across its four operating segments.

“This is an exciting transaction which has enabled Xylem to acquire a controlling shareholding, with Madison maintaining its independence and position in the Zambian and Tanzanian markets. We are delighted to be working with LDA as our funding partners.”

The Managing Partner of LDA Capital, Mr. Warren Baker, said:

“The 2020 global crisis has been particularly impactful on Africa, accelerating an extensive debt-trap diplomacy crisis which has delayed opportunities for regional market recovery.

“We believe in protecting the interests of shareholders and the region, avoiding excessive dilution and dependency on outside leverage or influence that would further exacerbate the debt crisis. LDA Capital has a strong track record of providing flexible financing to underserved markets, while allowing companies to maintain ownership and sovereignty over their businesses. This transaction is an endorsement of, and testament to, LDA’s support of Zambia’s future recovery and prosperity.”

About LDA Capital

LDA Capital is a global alternative investment group with expertise in complex, cross border transactions worldwide. Our team has dedicated their careers to international & cross border transactions having collectively executed over 200 transactions in both public and private markets across 43 countries with aggregate transaction values of over US$10 billion. For more information, please visit: www.ldacap.com; For inquires please email:info@ldacap.com.

About Madison Financial Services Plc

Madison Financial Services Plc is a financial services group in Zambia offering solutions for general insurance and life assurance products for personal and corporate clients in Zambia and Tanzania. The company operates in four segments: life assurance, non-life assurance, asset management and microfinance. Madison Financial Services offers a range of products; from life and term assurance to pension funds which include unitized, guaranteed, endowment and mortgage endowment options. Company subsidiaries offer a range of health insurance products, and personal, motor, household, commercial and business interruption insurance. Madison Financial Services also provides investment management services, as well as investment funds, unit trusts and brokering service. The microfinance division offers solutions for loans to small- and medium-sized companies and employees of public and private institutions. Madison Financial Services Plc was established in 1992.

About Xylem Trading (Pty) Limited

Xylem Trading is a South African investment vehicle with a diversified investment portfolio which includes regulated financial services in Mauritius, Zimbabwe and operations in Mozambique and Seychelles.

Xylem Trading operations include a world-class commodity trading in fuel and grain in the SADC region.

For more information please visit: www.xylemtrading.co.za. For inquiries contact:admin@xylemtrading.co.za.


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