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ExaGrid kondigt nieuwe reeks apparaatmodellen aan

Nieuwe lijn omvat het grootste model tot nu toe met een vermindering van de rackruimte met 33%

MARLBOROUGH, Massachusetts – (BUSINESS WIRE) – ExaGrid®, de enige Tiered Backup Storage-oplossing in de branche, heeft vandaag haar nieuwe lijn van Tiered Backup Storage-apparaten aangekondigd, die de totale omvang van een volledige back-up in één systeem vergroot. De nieuwe lijn zet ExaGrid’s unieke scale-out benadering van back-upopslagarchitectuur voort, waardoor klanten apparaten van elke grootte of leeftijd kunnen mixen en matchen in een enkel scale-out systeem, zodat klanten hun systemen kunnen laten groeien naarmate hun data groeit. De nieuwe toestellen zijn per direct beschikbaar.

De zeven nieuwe apparaatmodellen van ExaGrid zijn de EX6, EX10, EX18, EX27, EX36, EX52 en de EX84. Elk apparaat heeft processor, geheugen, netwerkmogelijkheden en opslag, zodat het back-upvenster een vaste lengte behoudt naarmate de gegevens toenemen, waardoor dure en storende upgrades voor vorkheftrucks worden geëlimineerd. De nieuwe apparaten kunnen worden gecombineerd met elk van de vorige apparaatmodellen van ExaGrid in hetzelfde scale-out-systeem, waardoor de levensduur van de eerdere investeringen van klanten wordt behouden en productveroudering wordt geëlimineerd.

ExaGrid Announces New Line of Appliance Models

New line includes largest model to date with a reduction in rack space by 33%

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– ExaGrid®, the industry’s only Tiered Backup Storage solution, today announced its new line of Tiered Backup Storage appliances, which increases the overall size of a full backup in single system. The new line continues ExaGrid’s unique scale-out approach to backup storage architecture, allowing customers to mix and match appliances of any size or age into a single scale-out system, so that customers can grow their systems as their data grows. The new appliances are available immediately.

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ExaGrid’s seven new appliance models are the EX6, EX10, EX18, EX27, EX36, EX52, and the EX84. Each appliance has processor, memory, networking, and storage so that the backup window stays fixed length as data grows, eliminating expensive and disruptive forklift upgrades. The new appliances can be mixed and matched with any of ExaGrid’s previous appliance models in the same scale-out system, preserving the life of customers’ previous investments and eliminating product obsolescence.

The largest ExaGrid system, comprised of 32 EX84 appliances, can take in up to a 2.69PB full backup with 43PB of logical data, making it the largest system in the industry. In addition to the increased storage capacity, the new EX84 is 33% more rack efficient than the previous EX63000E model.

“Since 2006, ExaGrid has been solely focused on offering customers the best backup storage system possible while improving the economics of backup storage. ExaGrid continues to build on its scale-out architecture and we are excited to announce our largest system to date,” said Bill Andrews, President and CEO of ExaGrid. “In addition to offering the largest backup system in the industry, we also offer the only system with a disk-cache Landing Zone that is tiered to a long-term retention repository and the only approach to deduplication that doesn’t negatively impact backup and restore performance, which differentiates us from first-generation storage products—inline scale-up deduplication appliances such as Dell EMC Data Domain and HPE StoreOnce. We invite organizations to test our Tiered Backup Storage system in their own backup environment and measure it against their current backup storage solution.”

About ExaGrid

ExaGrid provides Tiered Backup Storage with a unique disk-cache Landing Zone, long-term retention repository, and scale-out architecture. ExaGrid’s Landing Zone provides for the fastest backups, restores, and instant VM recoveries. The retention repository offers the lowest cost for long-term retention. ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture includes full appliances and ensures a fixed-length backup window as data grows, eliminating expensive forklift upgrades and product obsolescence. ExaGrid offers the only two-tiered backup storage approach with a non-network facing tier, delayed deletes, and immutable objects to recover from ransomware attacks. Visit us at exagrid.com or connect with us on LinkedIn. See what our customers have to say about their own ExaGrid experiences and learn why they now spend significantly less time on backup in our customer success stories.

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