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Het stimuleren van het lokale afvalbeheer: Sumitomo SHI FW en Woima Finland Oy brengen een schaalbare, eenvoudig te demonteren oplossing voor de wereldwijde afvalverwerkingsmarkt.

ESPOO, Finland– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) en WOIMA Finland Oy (WOIMA) hebben een overeenkomst getekend om de modulaire WOIMA® afvalenergiecentrales te leveren. SFW wordt een strategische investeerder in WOIMA en combineert de gerenommeerde expertise van SFW op het gebied van energietechnologie, projectuitvoering en wereldwijd bereik met WOIMA’s innovatieve fabrieksontwerp.

De wasteWOIMA®-fabriek is een unieke oplossing voor milieukwesties van het storten en verbouwen van stedelijk afval. Het past in kleine en middelgrote steden met lokaal afvalbeheer en energieopwekking.

De installatie maakt gebruik van robuuste rooster verbrandingstechnologie om een breed scala aan vaste afvalstoffen veilig te verwerken en voldoet aan de strengste milieunormen. Het bedient een afvalinzamelgebied van 100.000-500.000 mensen en zet jaarlijks 30.000 tot 200.000 ton niet-recyclebaar afval om in hernieuwbare elektriciteit en verwarming of koeling.

Boosting Local Waste Management: Sumitomo SHI FW and Woima Finland Oy Bring a Scalable, Easy-to-Deploy Power Plant Solution to the Global Waste-to-Energy Market

ESPOO, Finland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) and WOIMA Finland Oy (WOIMA) have signed an agreement to deliver the modular wasteWOIMA® waste-to-energy plants. SFW becomes a strategic investor in WOIMA, combining SFW’s renowned expertise in power technology, project execution and global reach with WOIMA’s innovative plant design.

The wasteWOIMA® plant is a unique solution for environmental issues of landfilling and growing municipal waste. It fits small and medium-size cities with local waste management and energy generation.

The plant utilizes robust grate combustion technology to safely treat a wide range of solid wastes, complying with the most stringent environmental standards. It serves a waste collection area of 100,000-500,000 people and converts from 30,000 up to 200,000 tons of non-recyclable waste annually into renewable electricity and heating or cooling.

The concept is scalable and allows for fast deployment: it has 1-4 combustion lines and is based on container-size modules. These workshop-fabricated and pre-assembled modules guarantee a high-quality, cost-effective solution with simple delivery and fast construction. Advanced plant automation and standardized maintenance ensure high plant reliability and reduced operating costs.

Tomas Harju-Jeanty, CEO, SFW: “WOIMA provides a solution to tackle the world’s growing waste challenge on a local level. WOIMA’s innovative solutions will become part of our core technology portfolio, and give us a wider ability to serve our existing and new customers as they seek to manage their waste and move away from fossil fuels.”

Henri Kinnunen, CEO, WOIMA Corporation: “Municipal solid waste is an abundant and under-utilized resource everywhere, and we provide a robust solution to manage it. SFW’s global presence and strong track record in the energy sector strengthens our capability to deliver wasteWOIMA® plants worldwide.”

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WOIMA develops innovative modular, standardized solutions that enable the utilization of waste streams to their fullest potential, either as raw material or as energy. www.woimacorporation.com



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