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SATLANTIS start het eerste project in het kader van het European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP)

BILBAO, Spanje– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Het Spaanse bedrijf SATLANTIS MICROSATS tekende in oktober een subsidieovereenkomst met de Europese Commissie binnen de eerste editie van het EDIDP-programma (European Defense Industrial Development Program) via het project OPTISSE.

Daarin leidt SATLANTIS een consortium van vijf bedrijven uit vijf Europese landen: ColomboSky (Italië), Syrlinks (Frankrijk), Astro- und Feinwerktechnik (Duitsland), Solaris Optics (Polen), plus Everis Aerospace en Defensie (Spanje) als geassocieerd partner. De oproep tot het indienen van voorstellen was gericht op innovatieve MKB-bedrijven en vereiste de steun van de ministeries van Defensie waarvan de bedrijven in het consortium zijn vertegenwoordigd. Daarom zullen alle ministeries bij het project worden betrokken, als potentiële eindgebruikers optreden en de operationele vereisten genereren.

SATLANTIS Kick-starts the First Project Under the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP)

BILBAO, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Spanish company SATLANTIS MICROSATS signed in October a grant agreement with the European Commission within the first edition of the EDIDP Programme (European Defence Industrial Development Programme) through the project OPTISSE.

In it, SATLANTIS is leading a Consortium of five companies from five European countries: ColomboSky (Italy), Syrlinks (France), Astro- und Feinwerktechnik (Germany), Solaris Optics (Poland), plus Everis Aerospace and Defense (Spain) as associated partner. The Call for Proposal addressed innovative SMEs and required the support of the Ministries of Defence whose companies are represented in the Consortium. Therefore, all the Ministries will be involved in the project, acting as potential final users and generating the operational requirements.

One of the most important objectives of the EDIDP Programme is to demonstrate the contribution that European SMEs can provide to the Defence sector, with the scope to build a technological supply chain for the Union autonomy and strengthen the role of SMEs in the industrial landscape.

To celebrate the project start, the Consortium gathered in a Virtual Kick-off Meeting held on November 3rd, with the participation of the European Commission, through the Project Officer assigned to the action, and of Spain Ministry of Defence that, due to SATLANTIS leadership in the Consortium, will represent the Defence community.

The OPTISSE project consists of the development of four critical technologies for maritime surveillance missions, specifically: an advanced opto-mechanical system, an agile attitude control system, a real-time detection filter, a high data-rate transceiver for data download.

The project represents a challenge for each member of the Consortium, and especially for SATLANTIS, whose aim is to reach a 0,5m spatial resolution with a miniaturized optical payload. The company CEO, Juan Tomás Hernani, stated: “only two scenarios are foreseen within the project: one in which we will achieve the objectives with no issues, and the other one in which we will have to face important mechanical challenges. In any case, we don’t question the success of the project and the excellence of our partners.”

Maik Hartmann, Vice Director of Astrofein affirmed: “the Agility requirements that the project is demanding will translate into an advancement of the state-of-the-art for attitude control systems”.

Because success of the project and highest standards of excellence are not in question, OPTISSE may serve as an ideal testbed for subsequent endeavours.


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