12:03 uur 09-12-2020

PMC Organometallix blijft uitbreiden

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ– (BUSINESS WIRE) – PMC Organometallix Inc., een volledige dochteronderneming van PMC Group NA, Inc. is verheugd te kunnen bevestigen dat het ondanks de uitdagingen van de wereldwijde pandemie is begonnen en zal doorgaan met plannen om de capaciteit uit te breiden voor de productie van organotin tussenproducten bij Axis, AL en voor organotin katalysatoren in Carrollton, KY. Deze uitbreidingsprojecten zijn bedoeld om te voldoen aan de groeiende wereldwijde vraag naar organotin-producten en de verplaatsing van bepaalde productiemogelijkheden vanuit Bergkamen, Duitsland, na de herstructurering en groei-investeringen van het bedrijf in de organotin-activiteiten die in december 2019 van Lanxess zijn overgenomen. Hoewel bepaalde fasen van deze uitbreiding operationeel werden in 2020 zullen de resterende fasen naar verwachting in 2021 en begin 2022 operationeel worden.

PMC Organometallix Continues Expansion

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PMC Organometallix Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PMC Group N.A., Inc. is pleased to confirm that, despite challenges presented by the global pandemic, it has embarked on, and will continue with plans to expand capacity for production of organotin intermediates at Axis, AL and for organotin catalysts at Carrollton, KY. These expansion projects are designed to meet growing global demand for organotin products and relocation of certain production capabilities from Bergkamen, Germany, following the company’s restructuring and growth investments in the organotin business acquired from Lanxess in December 2019. While certain phases of this expansion became operational in 2020, the remaining phases are expected to become operational in 2021 and early 2022.

“These projects are consistent with PMC’s commitment to the organotin industry and to be the preferred supplier of organotin products to our diverse customer base,” stated Debtosh Chakrabarti, President.

“The company’s extensive and innovative manufacturing experience and its global supply chain, which includes access to some of the world’s largest and highest quality supply of raw materials helps to assure that our customers will receive a steady, reliable supply of products for years to come. Our customers have expressed enthusiastic support for PMC’s plan to make the necessary strategic investments to ensure the continued health of our industry.”


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