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Thales vindt de manier opnieuw uit waarop identiteitsdocumenten worden gecontroleerd met zijn dubbelzijdige ID-kaartlezer

  • De nieuwe Thales Gemalto Intelligente ID-kaartlezer is de eerste lezer die is ontworpen om beide zijden van een ID-document tegelijkertijd in de cloud te inspecteren, waardoor het ID-verificatieproces wordt vereenvoudigd.
  • De nieuwe documentlezer maakt nauwkeurige identiteitskaart- en rijbewijsauthenticatie mogelijk om mensen sneller aan boord te laten komen en bedrijven te beschermen tegen identiteitsfraude.
  • Het beantwoordt aan de hygiëneaanbevelingen van Covid-19 door contactloze ID-verificatie te bieden voor eindgebruikers en operators.

PARIS LA DÉFENSE– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Thales toont ‘s werelds enige dubbelzijdige ID-kaartlezer, de eerste die ID-kaarten of rijbewijzen in de cloud1 in minder dan vier seconden kan onderzoeken. Het ontwerp van de intelligente lezer maakt het mogelijk om het proces te versnellen, terwijl het een hoog veiligheidsniveau garandeert en kostenvoordelen biedt voor de operators. Het vereenvoudigt het proces van ID-verificatie en biedt een contactloze controle, wat des te belangrijker is in het Covid-19-tijdperk.

Thales Reinvents the Way Identity Documents Are Checked With Its Double-Sided ID Card Reader

  • The new Thales Gemalto Intelligent ID Card Reader is the first reader designed for inspecting both sides of an ID document simultaneously in the cloud, thus simplifying the ID verification process.
  • The new document reader enables accurate ID card and driving license authentication to speed up people onboarding and protect business from ID fraud.
  • It answers Covid-19 hygiene recommendations by providing contact-free ID verification for end users and operators.

PARIS LA DÉFENSE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Thales showcases the world’s only double-sided ID card reader, the first to be able to examine ID cards or driving licenses in the cloud1 in less than four seconds. The design of the intelligent reader allows to speed up the process, while guaranteeing a high security level, and offering cost benefits to the operators. It simplifies the process of ID verification and offers a touchless check, which is all the more important in the Covid-19 era.

(Photo: Thales)

(Photo: Thales)

The Thales Gemalto Intelligent Double-sided ID Card ReaderCR5400ienables fast, secure and remote identity document verification. The reader protects businesses (airports, casinos, hotels, stores, etc.) from fraud and forgery thanks to sophisticated mechanisms for superior document authentication. The “i” version permits multiple intelligent readers to be centrally connected via WiFi – ideal for organisations that need to deploy a fleet of readers such as retail stores and financial institutions. The compact device can also be set up, managed and serviced remotely.

Using the device is very easy: the user simply inserts their ID card into the reader which reads both sides of the card simultaneously. Once this action is complete, a LED changes from blue to green and the ID is ejected and returned to its owner with no physical interaction between the user and operator. It provides a better customer experience while capturing and authenticating scanned data.

At Thales we are committed to bring both convenience and security to the ID verification process. With the new double-sided reader the user experience is smooth while the service provider can fight ID fraud benefitting from a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution,said James MacLean Director of Document Reading Solutions at Thales. “In addition, the Covid-19 context has brought new challenges that Thales’ intelligent ID card reader answers with its touch-free feature.”

1Data processing in the cloud means that operators can quickly and simply connect the device to their networks, tablets, phones and enterprise applications as a service. It simplifies the tasks of operators and integrators, while significantly reducing the costs of IT equipment for enterprises.

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