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Reactev is geboren: een dynamische prijstool van de volgende generatie

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – De digitale markt tilt het concurrentievermogen naar nieuwe hoogten. Er worden hogere eisen gesteld aan de besluitvorming en vooral aan de snelheid waarmee deze beslissingen moeten worden genomen. Het is ongetwijfeld in prijsstrategieën dat dit concurrentievermogen het meest voelbaar is. In deze context werd Reactev geboren, de tool die retailers helpt om op het juiste moment de beste prijsbeslissingen te nemen.

Deze software is ontwikkeld door Minderest, een baanbrekend bedrijf op het gebied van prijs-, product- en voorraadbewaking, dat sinds 2012 prijsprojecten heeft ontwikkeld voor enkele van ‘s werelds grootste bedrijven.

Reactev Is Born: a Next-generation Dynamic Pricing Tool

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The digital market is taking competitiveness to new heights. There are greater demands when it comes to decision making and, above all, the speed at which these decisions need to be made. Without a doubt, it’s in pricing strategies that this competitiveness is most palpable. In this context, Reactev was born, the tool that helps retailers make the best pricing decisions at just the right time.

This software was developed by Minderest a pioneering company in price, product, and stock monitoring, which has been developing pricing projects for some of the world’s largest companies since 2012.

Reactev is a tool created by and for retailers that doesn’t only aim to help them with their processes and decisions, but to also change the way they design their pricing strategies. In a highly competitive environment where, in just seconds, the wrong pricing decision can mean a big loss in sales while the correct decision can strike a blow against the competitions, Reactev equips retailers with its innovative price optimisation technology with which they can maximise their sales volume and profit margins.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Reactev goes much further. It’s the first tool to be based entirely on artificial intelligence, designed for retail, and boast the most sophisticated price positioning algorithms on the market. This combination, when added to its handling of big data, allows it to project future positioning in sales, margins, and inventory, allowing it to anticipate the evolution of a strategy before it’s even been implemented. This is definitely an invaluable competitive advantage.

Reactev has come to change the pricing paradigm and spearhead a new generation of tools with a clear objective: to turn its clients into market leaders.

To learn more: https://www.reactev.com

About Reactev

Reactev is a dynamic pricing platform designed with state-of-the-art technology. Born out of Minderest, which has been a leading European company in price and stock intelligence for retailers and manufacturers since 2012. Reactev works with retailers to turn them into market leaders by combining AI with the most sophisticated price positioning algorithms on the market, which even allow it to make predictions for the future.


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