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Fibralign kondigt goedkeuring van CE-markering aan voor BioBridge®

Europese goedkeuring voor een nieuw apparaat dat de chirurgische behandeling van lymfoedeem ondersteunt

UNION CITY, Californië – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Fibralign Corp., een spin-out van Stanford en ontwikkelaar van therapeutische biomedische apparaten, heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het een CE-markering heeft ontvangen voor zijn eerste product, de BioBridge® Collagen Matrix. BioBridge is geclassificeerd als een Klasse III-apparaat met een indicatie voor gebruik ter ondersteuning van lymfatisch weefselherstel en kan worden gebruikt na of in combinatie met chirurgische procedures die lymfoedeem aanpakken.

CE-markering is een certificeringssymbool in Europa dat aangeeft dat wordt voldaan aan de normen voor patiëntveiligheid en apparaatprestaties die in de regio van toepassing zijn. Het keurmerk bevestigt dat BioBridge voldoet aan de vereisten van de Europese richtlijn medische hulpmiddelen, waardoor Fibralign nu BioBridge in de Europese Unie en andere landen met CE-markering op de markt kan brengen.

Fibralign Announces CE Mark Approval for BioBridge®

European approval for novel device supporting surgical treatment of lymphedema

UNION CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fibralign Corp., a Stanford spin-out and developer of therapeutic biomedical devices, today announced that it has received CE mark for its first product, the BioBridge® Collagen Matrix. BioBridge is classified as a Class III device with an indication for use to support lymphatic tissue repair and can be used after or in conjunction with surgical procedures addressing lymphedema.

CE mark is a certification symbol in Europe that signals conformity to patient safety and device performance standards applicable in the region. The certification mark confirms that BioBridge meets the requirements of the European Medical Devices Directive, which now allows Fibralign to market BioBridge across the European Union and other CE mark countries.

Fibralign also received an updated ISO 13485:2016 certification of its quality management system. This certification demonstrates the company’s focus on quality and its ability to meet the global International Standards Organization (ISO) requirements and standards for the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices.

About BioBridge Collagen Matrix

BioBridge is a sterile, biocompatible and biodegradable surgical mesh made of highly purified collagen and is created with Fibralign’s patented Nanoweave® 3D scaffolding technology. This novel medical device is commercially available in the US and has 510(k) clearance from the FDA for use as a surgical mesh to reinforce and repair soft tissue. Published preclinical studies and early clinical usage have shown that BioBridge supports the repair of damaged lymphatic vessels that causes lymphedema. BioBridge has not been approved in the US by the FDA for treating lymphedema.

About Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a serious, global, progressive disease that can develop as a result of cancer treatments. Such interventions, while life-saving, can also destroy enough lymphatic function that the cancer survivor is left with a condition in the affected limb that includes painful swelling and frequent infections. Lymphedema can ultimately lead to irreversible structural changes in the tissues, which can result in severe deformity, serious reduction in function and have a profound impact on quality-of-life. Existing treatments for lymphedema are limited and not curative.

About Fibralign Corporation

Fibralign Corporation is a commercial stage healthcare company that develops and manufactures advanced therapeutic biomedical devices designed to address significant unmet medical needs by utilizing its patented Nanoweave® 3D scaffolding technology. http://www.fibralignbio.com


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