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IDEMIA’s contactloze biometrische terminals bieden snellere toegang en veiligheid aan bewoners van flatgebouwen in São Paulo, Brazilië

  • MorphoWaveTMCompactapparaten scannen en controleren 4 vingerafdrukken in 1 seconde in een contactloos handgebaar.
  • Verhoogde veiligheid, snellere toegang en hygiënische controle voor bewoners en eenvoudigere installatie en verminderd onderhoud voor integrators

SAO PAULO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – IDEMIA, de wereldleider in verbeterde identiteit heeft aangekondigd dat MorphoWaveTMCompact biometrische terminals zijn ingezet in verschillende nieuwe woonflats in de regio Barueri, in São Paulo, Brazilië. Bewoners, serviceproviders en bezoekers genieten nu van probleemloze toegangscontrole, met meer veiligheid en gemak.

MorphoWaveTMCompactis een revolutionaire en nog steeds unieke biometrische toegangscontroletechnologie: de lezer voert een 3D-scan en verificatie uit van vier vingerafdrukken in minder dan een seconde, in een eenvoudig, snel en volledig contactloos “golf” handgebaar. Dit brengt gemak en snelheid, maar is ook hygiënischer omdat vingers nooit in contact komen met de sensor.

IDEMIA’s Contactless Biometric Terminals Provide Faster Access and Safety to Condominiums Residents in São Paulo, Brazil

  • MorphoWaveTM Compact devices scan and verify 4 fingerprints in 1 second in a contactless hand gesture
  • Increased safety, faster access and hygienic control for residents and simpler installation and reduced maintenance for integrators

SAO PAULO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, has announced that MorphoWaveTM Compact biometric terminals have been deployed at several new residential condominiums in the Barueri region, in São Paulo, Brazil. Residents, service providers and visitors now enjoy frictionless access control, with more security and convenience.

MorphoWaveTM Compact is a revolutionary and still unique biometric access control technology : the reader performs a 3D scan and verification of four fingerprints in less than one second, in an easy, fast and fully contactless “wave” hand gesture. This brings convenience and speed, but it is also more hygienic as fingers are never in contact with the sensor.

This solution has already been deployed in important condominiums and clubs in the São Paulo region (such as Residencial Alphaville Zero, Residencial Alphaville 1, Tamboré 1, Tamboré 3 among others), and it has really revolutionized the way residents enter and leave their condominiums.

MorphoWaveTM Compact is also of high value for system integrators. Its installation is fast and simple on existing gates and turnstiles that can be reused: it took approximately 20 days to deploy this project in the Barueri region. Maintenance is also simplified as those devices are extremely reliable, with no pieces in movement and no friction due to the contactless user experience.

According to Ricardo Miralha, regional sales manager for Brazil and Southern Cone at IDEMIA, MorphoWaveTM Compact offers increased security and convenience for employees, residents and visitors of the condominiums. “There is greater agility in the entry of residents, which leads to greater security. It only takes 30 seconds to register a new user. In addition, because there is no direct contact between the user and the reader, hygiene is another very important point”.


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