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MYPINPAD maakt veilige betalingen mogelijk op zowel Android- als iOS-apparaten

Toonaangevende mobiele beveiligingsexpert behaalt alleen software PCI SSC SPoC-goedkeuring voor Android-apparaten

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – MYPINPAD (“MPP”), de wereldleider in veilige persoonlijke authenticatie voor betalingsoplossingen, heeft de Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) -certificering behaald voor zijn op Android-software gebaseerde PIN-invoer op een Commerciële kant-en-klare (SPoC) oplossing – de eerste software-only Android SPoC-oplossing die niet afhankelijk is van op hardware gebaseerde beveiliging. Dit maakt het bedrijf de eerste die een software-only SPoC-accreditatie heeft behaald om veilige betalingen op zowel Android- als iOS-apparaten mogelijk te maken.

De lat ligt zeer hoog om te voldoen aan de SPoC-vereisten van PCI, en de oplossing van MYPINPAD is erin geslaagd om ze te doorstaan, waardoor het nu kan werken op elk Android-apparaat met v8.0 en hoger. Mobiele apparaten met het Android-besturingssysteem hebben een marktaandeel van 87 procent en creëren een schaalvergroting voor de implementatie en acceptatie van MYPINPAD’s pincode op MPP mPOS voor mobiele oplossingen.

MYPINPAD Enables Secure Payments on Both Android And iOS Devices

Leading mobile security expert achieves software only PCI SSC SPoC approval for Android devices

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– MYPINPAD (“MPP”), the global leader in secure personal authentication for payment solutions, has achieved Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) certification for its Android software-based PIN entry on a Commercial off-the-shelf (SPoC) solution –the first software only Android SPoC solution that does not rely on any hardware-based security. This makes the company the first to achieve a software only SPoC accreditation to enable secure payments on both Android and iOS devices.

The bar is set very high to meet PCI’s SPoC requirements, and MYPINPAD’s solution has succeeded in passing them, enabling it to now work on any Android device operating v8.0 and above. Mobile devices running the Android operating system hold 87 per cent share of the global market, creating an expansion at scale for the deployment and adoption of MYPINPAD’s PIN on Mobile Solution MPP mPOS.

The news comes shortly after MYPINPAD became one of the world’s first companies to achieve SPoC certification for iOS. With both PCI accredited software only SPoC certifications, MYPINPAD is set to deploy its secure and accessible solution globally in all major continents this year, enabling everyday smartphones and tablets to replace traditional Point of Sale terminals and PIN entry mPOS devices.

Now that PCI SSC SPoC approval has been obtained for both Android and iOS operating systems, MYPINPAD is already working to achieve PCI certification for Contactless Payments on Commercial-off-the-shelf devices (CPoC). Our goal is to drive mobile device acceptance exponentially from 100 million currently to over 400 million by 2024.

Newly appointed CEO at MYPINPAD, Colin Greene, commented: “We’re leading this complex field of mobile security, so we’re incredibly proud to be the first company to have achieved a software only SPoC certification for both Android and iOS. To get to this point has been the product of seven years of innovation and hard work, and we are really looking forward to now deploying our technology together with our key partners.

“With Android and iOS operating systems occupying virtually all of the smart device global market share, we can now move forward with the expansion, at scale of mobile device use for PIN entry. This is a great example of how innovative tech solutions can help level the global playing field when it comes to payment services. We also look forward to unveiling our CPoC accredited solution later this year – watch this space.”

MYPINPAD’s solution is easily integrated into third party applications and delivered ‘as-a-Service’. It significantly reduces cost across the entire face-to-face payment value chain by meeting PCI security standards through software updates alone. This relieves pain-points for the smallest retailers while also serving larger retailers by freeing them from maintaining and replacing aging hardware-centric POS estates.

Please visit www.mypinpad.com to discover more about this transformational technology.


MYPINPAD is a global leader in secure personal authentication for payment solutions residing on commercially available smartphones and tablets. Our proprietary and globally patented technology secures and protects the input of sensitive information on touchscreens creating a trusted environment. MYPINPAD’s innovative solution set removes the reliance on specialised hardware for personal authentication; reduces cost and complexity, promotes rapid adoption and leverages the connected capabilities of smart devices.


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