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Scientist.com en HealthEconomics.Com werken samen om online sourcing van gezondheidseconomie en resultatenonderzoek (HEOR) en real world evidence (RWE) mogelijk te maken

De HEOR & RWE-marktplaats verbindt kopers en verkopers van HEOR en RWE

SAN DIEGO– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Scientist.com, de toonaangevende marktplaats voor uitbesteed onderzoek in de farmaceutische industrie, werkt samen met HealthEconomics.Com, ‘s werelds toonaangevende Connected Community ™, om wereldwijde belanghebbenden in de HEOR- en RWE-gemeenschap en de farmamarkt samen te brengen. Scientist.com en HealthEconomics.Com hebben de HEOR & RWE-marktplaats gecreëerd, een virtueel platform dat onderzoekers die op afstand werken, kunnen gebruiken om HEOR en RWE te evalueren en aan te schaffen bij honderden wereldwijde leveranciers.

“Het is absoluut noodzakelijk dat medische onderzoekers hun onderzoeksprojecten kunnen voortzetten terwijl ze zijn afgezonderd tijdens de Covid-19-pandemie”, aldus Kevin Lustig, Ph.D., CEO en oprichter van Scientist.com. “Door samen te werken met HealthEconomics.Com om een virtuele marktplaats voor HEOR en RWE te creëren, zal kritisch onderzoek kunnen worden voortgezet ondanks wijdverbreide onderdakorders.”

Scientist.com and HealthEconomics.Com Partner to Enable Online Sourcing of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Real World Evidence (RWE)

The HEOR & RWE Marketplace connects buyers and sellers of HEOR and RWE

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Scientist.com, the pharma industry’s leading marketplace for outsourced research, has partnered with HealthEconomics.Com, the world’s leading Connected Community™, to bring together global stakeholders in the HEOR and RWE community and pharma market. Scientist.com and HealthEconomics.Com have created the HEOR & RWE Marketplace, a virtual platform that researchers working remotely can use to evaluate and purchase HEOR and RWE from hundreds of global suppliers.

“It is imperative that medical researchers are able to continue their research projects while sequestered during the Covid-19 pandemic,” stated Kevin Lustig, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Scientist.com. “Partnering with HealthEconomics.Com to create a virtual marketplace for HEOR and RWE will allow critical research to continue despite widespread shelter-in-place orders.”

The HEOR & RWE Marketplace addresses the long-standing problem of long contracting times, a lack of RFI standardization and a shortage of qualified suppliers. The marketplace simplifies and streamlines the sourcing process, reducing time to insight.

“Wherever they might be, buyers and sellers of HEOR and RWE around the world are seeking simpler and more effective ways to identify opportunities, source partners, save time and money and optimize market access,” commented Patti Peeples, Ph.D., R.Ph., CEO of HealthEconomics.Com. “The HEOR & RWE Marketplace is a powerful way to connect buyers and sellers, deliver faster science and speed up value-focused healthcare decisions.”

Learn more about the new marketplace by attending the upcoming webinar, Faster to Market: Transforming HEOR & RWE Using Virtual Sourcing scheduled for Wednesday April 15, 2020 at 9:00 am PDT.

Or, sign up as buyer or seller on the HEOR & RWE Marketplace.

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