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Gebruik van Qumu cloud spikes als overgang van bedrijven naar videocommunicatie als reactie op COVID-19-beperkingen

Gebruik van toonaangevend videoplatform in piektijden met meer dan 30x gestegen, aangezien organisaties haast maken om interne en externe communicatie in persoon te vervangen door video

MINNEAPOLIS– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Qumu, de toonaangevende leverancier van Enterprise Video as a Service (EVaaS) ™ -technologie voor de intelligente onderneming, onthulde dat het gebruik van zijn cloudgebaseerde enterprise video-oplossing meer dan 30x hoger is dan normaal tijdens piekuren . Dit toegenomen gebruik is het resultaat van het wereldwijde klantenbestand van het bedrijf dat is gemobiliseerd om duizenden – en in veel gevallen tienduizenden – gelijktijdige videogebruikers te ondersteunen, aangezien ze werken onder reisbeperkingen en een verplicht thuiswerkbeleid.

Use of Qumu Cloud Spikes as Enterprises Transition to Video Communication in Response to COVID-19 Restrictions

Usage of Leading Video Platform Up More than 30x in Peak Times, as Organizations Rush to Replace In-Person Internal and External Communication with Video

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Qumu, the leading provider of Enterprise Video as a Service (EVaaS)™ technology for the intelligent enterprise, revealed the use of its cloud-based enterprise video solution is up over 30x from normal levels during peak business hours. This increased usage is a result of the company’s Global 2000 customer base mobilizing to support thousands—and in many cases tens of thousands—of concurrent video users, as they operate under travel restrictions and mandatory work-at-home policies.

“What we’re seeing at Qumu is global organizations hardening their video infrastructures on an unprecedented scale, as they massively increase their use of video conferencing technology,” said Vern Hanzlik, President and CEO of Qumu. “Enterprises from literally every industry are now requiring a combined solution that includes video conferencing, video streaming and content management. And we are seeing companies in health care, finance and pharmaceuticals specifically use video to make sweeping changes in the way they do business.”

As part of these changes, enterprises of all sizes are implementing technology plans to virtualize customer meetings, employee communications and major events—as well as record and store video assets for on demand viewing—while maintaining network health and delivering an engaging user experience to all device types. One customer, among the largest not-for-profit health plan providers in the United States, is using the Qumu platform to deliver on demand educational courses on COVID-19. As of the date of this release, those courses have hosted nearly 3 million worldwide viewers.

Although there are positive signs that COVID-19 will soon be controlled globally, Hanzlik does not believe the increased use of video among enterprises will be a temporary situation. “This global pandemic, even when it is resolved, will forever change the way and the frequency with which enterprises leverage video,” noted Hanzlik. “Going forward, organizations will be more critical of where, when and how much they ask people to travel for business. We believe the COVID-19 crisis will act as a tipping point for the use and acceptance of video as the primary communication channel within the enterprise.”

Parties interested in learning more about how enterprises are using video to replace in-person communication are encouraged to access Hanzlik’s recent webcast titled Video as a Replacement for In-Person Communication During Uncertain Times free from the Qumu website.

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