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Merrill Corporation kondigt rebranding aan bij Datasite

Nieuwe naam weerspiegelt de transformatie van het bedrijf en de focus op het gebruik van technologie om succes te genereren gedurende de gehele M & A-levenscyclus

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Merrill Corporation, de toonaangevende technologieleverancier voor professionals in wereldwijde fusies en overnames (M&A), heeft vandaag haar bedrijfsrebranding bij Datasite® aangekondigd. De nieuwe merkidentiteit werd gecreëerd om de voltooiing van de digitale transformatie van het bedrijf in 2018 beter weer te geven, met inbegrip van het afstoten van de oude financiële printactiviteiten, om zich te concentreren op het wereldwijde, op SaaS gebaseerde technologieplatform voor de M&A-gemeenschap.

Naast een nieuwe bedrijfsnaam, logo en website heeft Datasite ook de branding van haar kernapplicaties bijgewerkt. De due diligence-applicatie van het bedrijf, voorheen bekend als DatsiteOne Diligence, is nu Datasite® Diligence, en haar applicatie voor het optimaliseren van het vroege fase asset marketingproces, voorheen bekend als DatasiteOne Marketing, is nu Datasite® Outreach.

Merrill Corporation Announces Rebrand to Datasite

New name reflects the company’s transformation and focus on using technology to drive success across the entire M&A lifecycle

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Merrill Corporation, the leading technology provider for global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals, today announced its corporate rebrand to Datasite®. The new brand identity was created to better reflect the completion of the company’s 2018 digital transformation, which included divesting its legacy financial printing business, to focus on its global, SaaS-based technology platform for the M&A community.

In addition to a fresh company name, logo, and website, Datasite has also updated the branding of its core applications. The company’s due diligence application, formerly known as DatsiteOne Diligence, is now Datasite® Diligence, and its application for optimizing the early stage asset marketing process, formerly known as DatasiteOne Marketing, is now Datasite® Outreach.

“This is a major milestone in our company’s history,” said Rusty Wiley, CEO of Datasite. “We’ve evolved into an agile, global fintech software company and the Datasite name better represents our mission to lead the M&A industry beyond the virtual data room to a digitally-enabled future across the entire M&A lifecycle.”

In 2019, Datasite’s revenue increased by more than 30% as it facilitated more than 10,000 deals annually. To accommodate this growth, the company has moved its global headquarters from St. Paul, where it has been for 52 years, to the Baker Center in downtown Minneapolis, continuing its longstanding investment in the Twin Cities.

“As we continue to scale for growth, our commitment to the Twin Cities remains unchanged,” said Wiley. “We’re proud to have our global headquarters in Minneapolis and look forward to drawing from the area’s talented and diverse workforce.”

Datasite will host a grand opening ceremony to commemorate its new Minneapolis headquarters on April 7, 2020. The new space can accommodate over 450 employees and is expected to bring additional jobs across finance, technology, and service to the region. Datasite currently employs more than 750 individuals in 25 locations across 13 countries.

At 80,000 square feet, the new headquarters replaces the St. Paul and North Loop offices, bringing together Datasite’s sales, service, product, marketing, finance, legal, IT and HR teams – the highest number of employees operating under one roof in the company’s history. The integrated design for the headquarters was modeled after the success of Datasite’s New York, London and Hong Kong locations.

To learn more about Datasite’s history and new global corporate headquarters, please visit: www.datasite.com

About Datasite

Datasite, formerly known as Merrill Corporation, is a leading SaaS provider for the M&A industry, empowering dealmakers around the world with the tools they need to succeed across the entire deal lifecycle. For more information, visit www.datasite.com


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