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Neustar vermenigvuldigt de nauwkeurigheid van IP-geolocatiegegevens aanzienlijk met het oog op compliance, risico’s en veiligheidsgebruik.

UltraGeoPoint breidt het wereldwijde netwerk voor gegevensverzameling en geavanceerde algoritmen voor machine learning uit om geolocatiegegevens te bieden op meer dan 99,99% van alle routeerbare IPv4- en IPv6-adressen

LONDEN– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Neustar®, Inc., een wereldwijd opererend bedrijf op het gebied van informatiediensten en technologie en leider in identiteitsresolutie, heeft vandaag aanzienlijke verbeteringen aangekondigd aan zijn marktleidende geolocatiedienst voor IP-adressen, UltraGeoPoint, (voorheen bekend als IP GeoPoint) om klanten te helpen te voldoen aan wettelijke vereisten, de netwerkbeveiliging te versterken en risico’s te verminderen en tegelijkertijd de gebruikerservaring te verbeteren.

Als reactie op het groeiende aantal apparaten en mensen die IPv6-adressen gebruiken, biedt UltraGeoPoint nu beter inzicht in waar een IPv6-adres zich bevindt, hoe dat IP-adres is verbonden met internet en de bijbehorende metadata. Door de prestaties van het wereldwijde netwerk voor gegevensverzameling te verbeteren – vakkundig samengesteld door geavanceerde machine learning-algoritmen en een team van netwerkgeografieanalisten – kunnen Neustar-klanten IPv6-adressen beter targeten en geoloceren.

Neustar Significantly Multiplies IP Geolocation Data Accuracy for Compliance, Risk, and Security Use Cases

UltraGeoPoint expands the global data collection network and advanced machine learning algorithms to provide geolocation data on over 99.99% of all routable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, Neustar®, Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, announced significant enhancements to its market-leading IP address geolocation service, UltraGeoPoint, (formerly known as IP GeoPoint) to help customers meet regulatory compliance requirements, strengthen network security and reduce risk while improving the user experience.

In response to the growing number of devices and people using IPv6 addresses, UltraGeoPoint now delivers enhanced insight into where an IPv6 address is located, how that IP address is connected to the Internet, and the metadata associated with it. By improving the performance of the global data collection network – expertly curated through advanced machine learning algorithms and a team of network geography analysts – Neustar customers can better target and geolocate IPv6 addresses.

“In today’s complex, constantly evolving digital landscape, organisations across all sectors need to be able to accurately evaluate an IP address and verify how it is connecting to the Internet,” said Brian McCann, president, Neustar Security Solutions. “With the right data to determine location and level of associated risk, they can quickly make informed decisions around network security, fraud mitigation, threat detection, and customer experience.”

The company has also expanded its city count by 50% through increasing the accuracy of identifying connection points and, in turn, location assignments. Additionally, the service now provides four times more granularity in the new IPv6 file, allowing customers to better identify IP address ranges to specific locations. This level of detail is especially important for businesses relying on IP geolocation and risk data to make decisions regarding OTT/streaming, regulatory compliance, fraud mitigation, and user experience – all of which require high-quality IPv6 data in the decision-making process.

“It is critical for online businesses to have the highest quality IP geolocation, organisation, and proxy decisioning data if they are going to be always on and ultra-secure. Our new UltraGeoPoint service enables our customers to obtain a deep view into IP location and connectivity to increase decisioning accuracy, reduce IP address risk, and improve security across their services and networks,” added McCann.

In addition to industry leading anonymous proxy detection and a proprietary closed loop customer geo feedback loop that ensures data quality, Neustar UltraGeoPoint IPv6 data meets strict Neustar data privacy standards providing support for GDPR and CCPA regulatory mandates.

Neustar’s other products also reap the benefits of the revamped UltraGeoPoint service, giving an extra layer of DDoS protection when combined with UltraDDoS Protect, and advanced traffic management and network optimisation when used in conjunction with UltraDNS.

You can find more information on Neustar UltraGeoPoint here.


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