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Interactive Brokers lanceert Bond Scanner om beleggers te helpen de beste prijzen te vinden voor een breed scala aan vastrentende producten

GREENWICH, Conn. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: IBKR) heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het een Bond Scanner heeft gecreëerd om het vinden van de beste prijzen voor obligaties eenvoudiger en transparanter te maken voor zowel klanten als niet-klanten.

“Wij geloven dat we de laagst beschikbare obligatiekoersen bieden. Beleggers moeten onze Bond Scanner bezoeken op ibkr.com/bonds, filteren op interessante obligaties en vervolgens contact opnemen met hun makelaar om te vergelijken ”, aldus Steven Sanders, EVP Marketing en Productontwikkeling bij Interactive Brokers.

“Klanten profiteren van onze samenvoeging van prijsopgaven van meerdere elektronische locaties en institutionele dealers,” voegde hij eraan toe. “We verbreden spreads niet en er zijn geen verborgen kosten of markeringen. Terwijl sommige bedrijven een grote, verborgen opmaak in rekening brengen, rekenen wij extreem lage, transparante commissies. IBKR-klanten kunnen liquiditeit bieden aan obligatiemarkten en prijzen verbeteren door hun eigen lopende orders in het boek in te voeren. ”

Interactive Brokers Launches Bond Scanner to Help Investors Find the Best Pricing on Wide Range of Fixed Income Products

GREENWICH, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: IBKR) today announced it has created a Bond Scanner to help make finding the best prices on bonds easier and more transparent for clients and non-clients alike.

“We believe we offer the lowest bond prices available. Investors should visit our Bond Scanner at ibkr.com/bonds, filter for bonds of interest, and then call their broker to compare,” said Steven Sanders, EVP of Marketing and Product Development at Interactive Brokers.

“Clients benefit from our aggregation of price quotes from multiple electronic venues and institutional dealers,” he added. “We do not widen spreads nor are there hidden fees or markups. While some companies charge a large, hidden markup, we charge extremely low, transparent commissions. IBKR clients may provide liquidity to bond markets and improve pricing by entering their own pending orders into the book.”

In addition to ultra-low, transparent pricing, the company offers a huge selection of fixed income products, including a full universe of US government securities, over 38,000 global corporate bonds, 851,000 million municipal securities, 33,000 CDs, 1,900 non-US Sovereign bonds, plus fixed income futures and fixed income options. Interactive Brokers uses sophisticated technology to connect its Trader Workstation platform (TWS) with multiple leading electronic bond trading venues including BondDesk, Knight BondPoint, MuniCenter, NYSE BONDS and Tradeweb.

Fixed income investors at Interactive Brokers pay 10-basis points for the first $10,000 in face value for corporate bonds with a $1.00 minimum and 2.5-basis points on additional face value. The blended rate for 20 bonds with a face value of $20,000 would cost $12.50 in IBKR commissions. For municipal bonds investors pay 5-basis points on the first $10,000 in face value with a $1.00 minimum and 1.25-basis points on additional face value. The blended rate for 20 bonds with a face value of $20,000 would cost $6.25 in IBKR commissions.

“We encourage fixed income investors to take the IBKR Bond Challenge and scan for bonds they hold or are interested in buying. Check the available yields and call your own broker to compare our low costs with what your broker is charging you,” Sanders said.

With the new Bond Scanner, you can:

  • Search for a maturity date range and locate bond yields.
  • Scan for Corporate bonds by industry or by state for Municipal bonds.
  • Define values for minimum and maximum yield-to-worst.
  • Define high yield or investment grade universe of bonds.
  • Use Moody’s and S&P ratings filters to evaluate risk vs. return.
  • Quickly scan Corporates, CDs, Treasuries and Municipal bonds by clicking “bond type” button.

For more information, visit ibkr.com/bonds

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