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Innovatie geleverd: Resco lanceert herfstupdate tijdens keynote op resco.next 2019

ROME-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Resco, de toonaangevende leverancier van enterprise mobiliteitsoplossingen voor Microsoft Dynamics 365 en Salesforce, heeft vandaag officieel de Autumn Update 2019 geïntroduceerd op haar jaarlijkse resco.next conferentie in Rome.

De release is een van de belangrijkste van Resco, aangezien het een jaar geleden is dat het bedrijf officieel begon met de uitbreiding van haar productportfolio met Resco Inspections, gevolgd door Resco Routes. Het levert belangrijke nieuwe mogelijkheden voor die twee, evenals voor het Mobile Business Apps Platform van het bedrijf.

Onze herfstupdate versterkt Resco’s betrokkenheid bij innovatie die de productiviteit van het bedrijf bevordert. Het bevat ook een aantal functies die Resco-producten uitbreiden naar smartwatches“, bevestigt Miro Pomsar, CEO van Resco.

Innovation Delivered: Resco Launches Autumn Update at resco.next 2019 Keynote

ROME–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Resco, the leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, has today officially introduced the Autumn Update 2019 at its annual resco.next conference in Rome.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191024005635/en/

Innovation delivered - Resco (Photo: Business Wire)

Innovation delivered – Resco (Photo: Business Wire)

The release stands among Resco’s most significant, as it marks a year since the company officially began the expansion of its product portfolio with Resco Inspections, followed by Resco Routes. It delivers major new capabilities to both, as well as to the company’s Mobile Business Apps Platform.

“Our Autumn Update further strengthens Resco’s commitment to innovation that fosters business productivity. It also brings a number of features that extend Resco products to smartwatches,” confirmed Miro Pomsar, CEO at Resco.

More details in a fraction of time

With new Resco Inspections features like Tagged image and Reusable answers, field teams can complete inspections faster and provide more details with context to the back office. Ultimately, helping to speed up any issue resolution and boosting client satisfaction and loyalty.

Importantly, the solution is also coming to smartwatches as part of the Autumn Update. Field professionals can now complete inspection forms from their wrist, utilizing voice control for an entirely hands-free experience.

More information on Resco Inspections Autumn Update 2019 available here.

Handling unexpected situations

The upgraded Location Monitor in Resco Routes enables users to take the guesswork out of planning and effectively manage unforeseen events. Details such as an unlimited number of tracked staff members, real-time travel direction & speed, time of the last stop, and progress through the day, provide the backbone for truly informed decisions.

More information on Resco Routes Autumn Update 2019 available here.

Let the AI do the work

Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform has been extended with functionality that improves the efficiency of both mobile users and system administrators.

The all-new AI image recognition is available across all Resco-based app. Mobile users can now utilize image recognition instead of search or barcode scanning. More complex scenarios are also possible when utilizing image recognition in form rules.

Furthermore, when using Resco Cloud as a backend, administrators can create new fields and entities on the system directly from Woodford – no need to switch between applications. And with new project item categories, they can bring structure and clarity even to complex mobile projects.

More information on Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform Autumn Update 2019 available here.

Industry Watch for deeper business insights

At resco.next the company also introduced its all-new Industry Watch initiative – a new concept of utilizing smartwatches to obtain more insights from staff outdoors and indoors. Making entire organizations smarter and more efficient.

“We are excited about this new venture and the road that lies ahead. In the following months, we’re going to continue our intensive research in the area of wearables. We would also like to engage our whole ecosystem into this initiative, including our partners.” Miro Pomsar explained.

More details regarding Resco’s new smartwatch initiative can be found here.

About Resco

Resco founded in 1999, is one of the global leaders in developing cross-platform mobile software solutions. The team of Resco professionals utilizes their knowledge to design products for corporate customers, developers, integrators, and end users. Today, Resco is utilized by 2,800+ corporate customers with more than 250,000 licensed users around the world. The cornerstone of Resco’s Mobile Business Apps Platform is the Woodford configuration and management tool, which together with the Resco mobile app form the base of all Resco products.



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