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Fuel50 verdient lof op de HR Innovation Awards for Advancing the Future of Work 2019, uitgeroepen tot beste HR Software & Hardware Startup

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Californië (BUSINESS WIRE) – Fuel50, maker van ‘s werelds snelst groeiende talentbelevenisplatform, kondigde vandaag aan dat Zukunft Personal, de grootste vakbeurs voor HR-managers in Europa en Duitsland, een HR Innovation Award heeft toegekend in de categorie Software & Hardware Startup. De HR Innovation Awards zijn een erkenning voor dynamische bedrijven die met hun frisse mindset en baanbrekende producten nieuwe wegen inslaan op HR-gebied. Elk jaar voert Zukunft Personal een uitgebreide evaluatie uit van de inzendingen van de HR Innovation Awards. Als onderdeel van het besluitvormingsproces wordt ook de input van een panel van externe deskundigen, waaronder academici, vertegenwoordigers van de media en zakenmensen, meegenomen in het besluitvormingsproces. Winnende oplossingen worden geselecteerd op basis van hun niveau van innovatie, toegevoegde waarde voor de HR-functie, intuïtief voor de gebruiker en het vermogen om te leveren wat wordt beloofd.

Fuel50 Earns Accolades at the 2019 HR Innovation Awards for Advancing the Future of Work, Named Best HR Software & Hardware Startup

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fuel50, creator of the world’s fastest-growing talent experience platform, today announced that Zukunft Personal, the largest trade fair for HR managers in Europe and Germany, awarded it an HR Innovation Award in the Software & Hardware Startup category. The HR Innovation Awards recognize dynamic companies that are breaking new ground in HR with their fresh mindset and pioneering products. Each year, Zukunft Personal performs an extensive evaluation of the HR Innovation Award submissions. They also include as a part of the decision-making process input from a panel of outside experts including academics, media representatives and business people. Winning solutions are selected based on their level of innovation, value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for the user and ability to deliver on what they promise.

“Companies are rapidly trying to reskill their workforces to deal with automation and new models for work,” said Josh Bersin, global independent analyst and founder of the Josh Bersin Academy. “Tools like Fuel50 that facilitate new approaches to career pathing, gig work, and internal talent mobility are becoming critical to making this transformation possible.”

Fuel50 continues to make strides to enable company leaders to engage and motivate their teams, and empower those employees to have a clear career path. Companies of all sizes have utilized Fuel50 to give the roadmap and resources they need to advance in their careers. Fuel50’s customers have seen up to 30% increase in employee engagement and an average 60% reduction in churn thanks to the technology’s ability to show skill gaps an employee needs to fulfill, the skills that go into what a respective industry desires of a workforce, and the ability to link to proper mentors and online resources. Along with Fuel50’s recent Series B funding of $14 million, the platform can continue to transform the future of the workplace by properly expanding and making specific additions to the technology.

For more information about Fuel50 and its suite of tools that enable career path transparency and support internal talent mobility for an inclusive career experience, please visit www.fuel50.com/ and join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Fuel50:

Fuel50 is an award-winning career experience platform that mobilizes talent, delivers career path transparency, and evolves an organization’s workforce for the future. Featuring AI-driven talent and skills forecasting from the world’s fastest-growing talent experience platform, Fuel50 is the future of work.


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