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Aqua Lung Group verwelkomt Matthieu Bazil als CEO

Wereldwijde watersportfabrikant introduceert nieuwe leidinggevende

VISTA, Californië (BUSINESS WIRE) – Aqua Lung, al 75 jaar de gevierde pionier, ontwerper, fabrikant en distributeur van duik- en watersportuitrusting, heeft de heer Matthieu Bazil met onmiddellijke ingang benoemd tot zijn nieuwe CEO. De heer Bazil zal gevestigd zijn vanuit de kantoren van de Aqua Lung Group in Carros, Frankrijk.

Bazil neemt het roer over terwijl Aqua Lung verder gaat als wereldwijde marktleider in het ontwikkelen en op de markt brengen van de beste duik-, zwem-, snorkel- en recreatieve peddelsportproducten. Bazil, een gepassioneerd watersportliefhebber en duiker, komt naar Aqua Lung na zeer succesvolle opdrachten bij Fox Racing, Oxbow, Boardriders Inc. (met wereldwijde leiderschapsfuncties bij zowel DC Shoes als Quiksilver), en key account management bij adidas.

Aqua Lung Group Welcomes Matthieu Bazil as CEO

Global Watersports Manufacturer Brings Fresh Leadership

VISTA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Aqua Lung, the celebrated pioneer, designer, manufacturer and distributor of dive and watersports equipment for 75 years, has appointed Mr. Matthieu Bazil as its new CEO, effective immediately. Mr. Bazil will be based from the Aqua Lung Group offices in Carros, France.

Bazil takes the helm as Aqua Lung continues on a path of global leadership in developing and bringing to market the best in scuba, swim, snorkel, and recreational paddle sport products. Bazil, a passionate watersports enthusiast and scuba diver, comes to Aqua Lung after highly successful engagements at Fox Racing, Oxbow, Boardriders Inc. (with global leadership roles at both DC Shoes and Quiksilver), and key account management with adidas.

“I have worked in the sports industry all my life and have sought out brands that are authentic and credible in their space and leaders in their industry. Aqua Lung fits this definition perfectly, being the pioneer of scuba diving, and each brand of the portfolio being the most authentic and credible player in their segment,” said Mr. Bazil.

The Aqua Lung Group is fully committed to evolving and innovating the absolute best products to inspire every type of water exploration, led by scuba brands Aqua Lung and Apeks Diving. The Group is also heavily invested in the world of swimming, with Aqua Sphere and a longstanding partnership with Michael Phelps around the MP Brand swimming line for competitive swimmers and triathletes.

“We will rely most on the strength of our assets, whether it’s the best to ever get in the pool in Michael Phelps, or the first family of the Oceans with Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau — combining these iconic personalities with our incredibly capable internal teams and brands, we will push forward with truly remarkable next-generation products built by our dedicated experts worldwide. There is much on the horizon for the Aqua Lung Group and it is my honor to be joining this talented team,” concluded Mr. Bazil.

About the Aqua Lung Group

Aqua Lung pioneered the creation of modern diving equipment in 1943 when Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau teamed with Emile Gagnan to develop the first “aqua-lung” that made underwater exploration possible. Today, the brand continues to be the leading global designer and manufacturer of dive and water sports gear. With a deep commitment to quality, research and testing, Aqua Lung has revolutionized the scuba diving experience by setting industry standards for scuba equipment in technology, comfort, safety and design. The company’s rich history as an expert in the dive and water sports industry has led to the demand of Aqua Lung equipment for recreational, swim, technical and military applications in more than 100 countries around the world, under the brand names Aqua Lung, MP Michael Phelps, Aqua Sphere, Apeks, O.ME.R, U.S. Divers, and Stohlquist. For more information, visit www.AquaLung.com, http://www.Facebook.com/AquaLungDivers.


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