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Truffle Capital onthult de resultaten van de 14e Truffel 100 Ranking: Softwarebedrijven benaderen de volgende investeringscyclus met vertrouwen

PARIJS-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Truffle Capital onthult de resultaten van zijn 14e Truffel 100 ranking. Dit is de barometer die het vaakst wordt gevolgd door softwarebedrijven en de meest consistente waarnemingspost voor softwaretrends.

Uitgevoerd in samenwerking met Teknowlogy, schetst de studie een beeld van een groep Franse bedrijven in goede gezondheid, met goede groeivooruitzichten en met vertrouwen naar de toekomst kijkend.

  • Vertrouwen in de toekomst, want softwarebedrijven blijven zwaar investeren in R&D en trekken, vooruitlopend op toekomstige groei, onderzoekers aan.

Truffle Capital Unveils the Results of the 14th Truffle 100 Ranking: Software Companies Approach the Next Investment Cycle With Confidence

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Truffle Capital unveils the results of its 14th Truffle 100 ranking. This is the barometer that is most frequently followed by software companies, and the most consistent software trends observatory.

Carried out in partnership with Teknowlogy, the study paints a picture of a group of French companies in good health, with good growth prospects, looking to the future with confidence.

  • Confidence in the future, because software companies are continuing to invest heavily in R&D and, in anticipation of future growth, are recruiting researchers.
  • Confidence in the potential of the French ecosystem, as 75% of managers surveyed do not expect to relocate their business (compared to 70% last year).
  • Confidence in their capacity to find finance for their growth plans. The numerous delistings show that software companies are finding the investment resources they need in other finance niches, where procedures take better account of the valuations and specific features of their operations.

While growth in turnover was only 3%, taking it to €9.3 billion, with investment of €1.2 billion in R&D over the year, profits increased by 4.6%. These figures show that the long history of almost uninterrupted growth highlighted by the Truffle 100 since 2004 is continuing.

Dassault Systèmes, Sopra Steria and Murex take the top three spots in the ranking, accounting between them for total turnover from publishing of €5.4 billion, and reflecting a trend towards consolidation within the sector.

Disaffection with the stock exchange is apparent. Since 1 January 2019, we have seen the exit of Harvest (in 52nd place) and Coheris (in 78th place), bringing the number of listed companies down to 14, its lowest historic level since the creation of the Truffle 100.

Bernard-Louis Roques, General Manager and Co-founder of Truffle, commented on the results: ‘Business growth demonstrates that the sector is highly resilient. Not only are French software companies growing more rapidly than GDP, but their investment in jobs and R&D is growing faster than their sales. This continuous focus on investment, particularly in research, and the resistance to relocation are helping French technology to flourish, translating into confidence in its ability to build future growth. From this viewpoint, the fact that ten of them have been delisted over two years reflects two things: software companies are not satisfied with the valuation the market gives them, and they know they are supported by strategic shareholders, particularly from the private equity sphere, who are ready to invest. No doubt many surprises lie in store over the coming years, and Truffle Capital, through the Truffle 100, will be best placed to monitor them.’

The 14th edition of the Truffle 100, and rankings from previous years, are available at:



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