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WIN 2019 Symposium: WINnovatie en wereldwijde toepassing van precisie-ococologie

Deelnemen aan een unieke wereldwijde discussie (van Europa, de VS, Canada, het Midden-Oosten tot Azië) over de toepassing van precisie-ococologie

23-24 juni 2019, Parijs, Frankrijk

VILLEJUIF, Frankrijk-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Het 11e WIN Symposium in Precision Oncology wordt gehouden in Parijs, Frankrijk, op 23 en 24 juni 2019.

Met de al 11 jaar durende ondersteuning van ASCO®, zal het WIN-symposium op 23 en 24 juni 2019 in Parijs (Frankrijk) een boeiende line-up van sprekers opleveren die discussiëren over Innovatie en wereldwijde implementatie van precisie-ocologie.

De huidige status van precisie-oncologie over de hele wereld zal worden onderzocht met de bijzondere deelname van de voorzitters van het evenement, Richard L. Schilsky, voorzitter van het WIN Consortium (*), senior vice-president en Chief Medical Officer van ASCO, en Josep Tabernero, vice-voorzitter van het WIN Consortium, voorzitter van ESMO en directeur van het Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Spanje.

Wereldwijde ervaring zal worden gedeeld:

  • Optimalisering van de patiëntenregistratie en de doeltreffendheid van klinische proeven met betrekking tot precisie-oncologie in het UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, VS.
  • Beslissingsondersteuning voor precisie-ocologie: In ontwikkeling van Monotherapie naar genomisch gefundeerde combinaties, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, VS.
  • De waarde van gepersonaliseerde geneesmiddelen voor gezondheidszorgsystemen in Europa – door de Europese biofarmaceutische bedrijven (EBE) en de Europese Federatie van farmaceutische bedrijven en verenigingen (EFPIA).
  • Snel veranderende landschap van precisie geneeskunde in Japan, Tokyo Medische en Tandheelkundige Universiteit van Tokyo.

WIN 2019 Symposium: WINnovation and Global Deployment of Precision Oncology

Participate in a Unique Global Discussion (from Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East to Asia) about the Deployment of Precision Oncology

June 23-24, 2019, Paris, France

VILLEJUIF, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The 11th WIN Symposium in Precision Oncology will be held in Paris, France on June 23-24, 2019.

ASCO® endorsed for the past 11 years, the WIN symposium will deliver an exciting line-up of speakers in Paris (France) on June 23-24, 2019 to discuss Innovation and Global Deployment of Precision Oncology.
The current status of Precision Oncology across the globe will be examined with the exceptional participation of the chairmen of the event, Richard L. Schilsky, Chairman WIN Consortium(*), Senior Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of ASCO, and Josep Tabernero, Vice Chairman WIN Consortium, President of ESMO and Director of Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Spain.

Global experience will be shared:

    • Optimizing Patient Enrollment and Efficacy of Precision Oncology Clinical Trials at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
    • Decision Support for Precision Oncology: Evolving from Monotherapy to Genomically Informed Combinations, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
    • The Value of Personalized Medicines for Healthcare Systems in Europe – by the European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)
    • Rapidly changing landscape of Precision Medicine in Japan, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
    • National Cancer Grid of India – Earthshots over Moonshots, TATA Memorial Hospital
    • Development and Application of Precision Oncology in China, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

World leading precision oncologists will deliver breakthrough science, including:

    • Prof. Jennifer A. Doudna, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, USA Rewriting the Code of Life: CRISPR-Cas Genome Editing”.
    • Dr. Jennifer A. Ligibel, MD, Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, USA Lifestyle-based Prevention Strategies”.
    • Dr. Razelle Kurzrock, MD, University of California, San Diego, USA, “Innovation in Clinical Trials: WINTHER trial”, first study pioneered by the WIN Consortium(*), that showed that assessing RNA is an important adjunct to DNA profiling for determining treatments and rings in a new era for personalized medicine in oncology. WINTHER results were recently published in Nature Medicine (**)
    • Prof. Christophe Le Tourneau, MD., PhD, Institut Curie, France, “Innovative Ways of Assessing Durable Response under Immunotherapy”
    • Dr. Jean François Martini, PhD., MSc, Pfizer Inc., “Addressing Mechanisms of Resistance Following Anti-Cancer Therapy: a Pharma Perspective”
    • Prof. Angel Porgador, PhD, Ben Gurion University of Negev, Israel, “Efficient In Vitro Screening for Drug Combinations: The TEVA Model”

Do not miss the two microsatellites hosted at the WIN Symposium:

    • Real-World Evidence and its Relevance for Clinical Practice and Stakeholder Decision Making – F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
    • Artificial Intelligence to Support Patient Profiling in Precision Oncology – Definiens AG

The WIN symposium provides outstanding networking opportunities for all professionals in cancer care.

(*) WIN Consortium is a non-profit organization based in Paris, France. We are a worldwide network assembling cancer stakeholders from four continents to develop cutting edge concepts and clinical trials that improve survival for cancer patients. WIN members include 28 outstanding cancer centers plus 11 additional leading pharmaceutical, technology companies and patient advocacy organizations representing stakeholders in precision cancer medicine, www.winconsortium.org

(**) Genomic and transcriptomic profiling expands precision cancer medicine: the WINTHER trial https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-019-0424-4

For more information: www.winsymposium.org

ASCO® is a registered trademark of the American Society of Clinical Oncology®. Used with permission. This is not an ASCO sponsored event.


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