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FMC GlobalSat selecteert LeoSat om maritieme, off-shore en externe communicatienetwerken naar nieuwe hoogten te brengen

Nieuwe satellietconstellaties zullen overal ter wereld snellere en betrouwbaardere connectiviteit opleveren

WASHINGTON- (BUSINESS WIRE) – LeoSat Hoogtepunten:

Dit persbericht bevat multimedia. Bekijk de volledige release hier: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190507005442/en/

    • Uniek wereldwijd gegevensnetwerk met behulp van satelliet-naar-satelliet laserverbindingen om een ​​MPLS-netwerk in de ruimte te creëren
    • Zakelijke backbone in de ruimte, 1,5 keer sneller dan terrestrische vezels
    • Extreem lage latency en ultraveilig netwerk
    • De snelheid van glasvezel combineren met het bereik van de satelliet

LeoSat Enterprises, dat een constellatie van 108 low-earth-orbit communicatiesatellieten opstart die het snelste, veiligste en breedste datanetwerk ter wereld bieden, is een overeenkomst aangegaan met FMC GlobalSat, een wereldwijde leverancier van satelliet en draadloze connectiviteitsoplossingen voor op afstand gelegen bedrijven.

FMC GlobalSat Selects LeoSat to Take Maritime, Off-Shore & Remote Communications Networks to New Levels

New satellite constellation will deliver faster and more reliable connectivity anywhere on the planet


This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190507005442/en/

LeoSat to take Maritime Communications Networks to New Levels (Photo: Business Wire)

LeoSat to take Maritime Communications Networks to New Levels (Photo: Business Wire)

    • Unique global data network using satellite-to-satellite laser links to create an MPLS network in space
    • Business backbone in space 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber
    • Extremely-low latency and ultra-secure network
    • Combining the speed of fiber with the reach of satellite

LeoSat Enterprises, which is launching a constellation of 108 low-earth-orbit communications satellites that will provide the fastest, most secure and widest coverage data network in the world, has entered into an agreement with FMC GlobalSat, a global provider of satellite and wireless connectivity solutions to geographically remote businesses. Through the arrangement, FMC GlobalSat will upgrade its existing satellite solutions, giving it’s 4G/LSAT customers access to LeoSat’s secure and highly-efficient satellite connectivity for maritime, energy and in-transit use cases.

Big Data is clearly driving the need for new communications infrastructure and data volumes are exploding, with global networks are already carrying more than 1 Zeta Byte of traffic, and this is forecast to grow exponentially. This increasing demand to move large quantities of data quickly and securely around the world is fast outpacing the infrastructure needed to carry it. LeoSat’s unique new network has been designed to solve these essential communications and connectivity issues and provide new opportunities for business sectors such as multi-national enterprise, telecommunications, oil & gas, maritime and government services.

LeoSat’s system of low earth orbit communications satellites can achieve lower latency and stronger end-to-end security compared to traditional satellite and terrestrial solutions used today. This is achieved through an advanced and unique system architecture utilizing optical inter-satellite laser links which connect the satellites, creating fiber-like symmetry at Gigabits speeds while providing total security as the data is encrypted and secured from end-to-end across the network, with no terrestrial touch points.

FMC GlobalSat’s 4G/LTSAT solution leverages 4G wireless network connectivity together with HTS connections accessed via the Kymeta software-steered flat-panel very small aperture terminal (VSAT) antenna. This converged service platform constantly monitors signal strength and network throughput, and automatically switches traffic to the path with the strongest signal without any intervention. This seamless connectivity facilitates real-time applications and monitoring regardless of location, and the service is particularly well-suited for offshore, maritime, in-transit, and remote geographic installation use cases.

Michael Abad-Santos, SVP Americas at LeoSat said “LeoSat’s system is completely driven by customer requirements. We are delighted to work with an innovative company such as FMC GlobalSat, which is serving customers with a unique converged 4G wireless and HTS solution. FMC GlobalSat has identified a market requirement for seamless onshore and offshore network access, and we are looking forward to collaborating with them to deliver a solution that will ramp up performance, improve security, and increase customer efficiency.”

Emmanuel Cotrel, CEO of FMC GlobalSat added: “The partnership with LeoSat will deliver faster and more reliable connectivity anyplace in the world. Our customers will be amongst the first users of these solutions, which will present enormous productivity and efficiency improvements over legacy satellite infrastructures”.

LeoSat is backed by leading satellite operators SKY Perfect JSAT and Hispasat, and the system is being developed in conjunction with Thales Alenia Space, a company with unmatched expertise in designing and manufacturing low earth orbit constellations. The high-throughput satellites (HTS) in the constellation will form a mesh network interconnected through laser links, creating an optical backbone in space which is about 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones, thus creating a paradigm shift in the use of satellites for data connectivity – rather than a gap filler or last resort where no terrestrial alternative is available. LeoSat has already secured over 2 Billion USD in pre-launch customer agreements and was recently granted a license by the FCC to operate its network in the U.S.



LeoSat will be participating in 3 panel sessions at Satellite 2019 in Washington DC from 6-9 May:

    • Monday 6 May, 1.30pm: An Introduction to HTS and Other Acronyms (Unveiled Theater)
    • Wednesday 8 May, 3pm: Integrating LEO Constellations Into Teleport Services (Room 147)
    • Thursday 9 May, 10:45am: Executive Round Table – LEO/MEO Systems (Room 146)

About LeoSat Enterprises

LeoSat Enterprises was established to leverage the latest developments in satellite communications technologies to develop and launch a new low-earth-orbit satellite constellation which will provide the first commercially available, business grade, extremely high-speed and secure data service worldwide.

With up to 108 low-earth-orbit communications satellites in the constellation LeoSat is the first company to have all the High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in the constellation interconnected through laser links, creating an optical backbone in space which is about 1.5 times faster than terrestrial fiber backbones and without the need for any terrestrial touchpoints. This unique set of features enables LeoSat to provide instant infrastructure from anywhere to everywhere which is fast, secure and reliable.

Based in Washington DC, LeoSat is currently working with Thales Alenia Space for the low-earth-orbit constellation of Ka-band communications satellites. Once operational, the constellation will provide high-speed, low-latency and highly secure communications and bandwidth for business operations in the telecom backhaul, Energy, Maritime, Government and international business markets. Launch of the constellation is expected in 2020. www.leosat.com

About FMC GlobalSat

FMC GlobalSat is a global provider of best-in-class satellite and wireless solutions to geographically remote businesses that require reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity. Partnering with major wireless carriers and satellite communications providers, FMC GlobalSat delivers a converged connectivity solution that incorporates 4G wireless solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks in more than 190 countries, and high-throughput satellite (HTS) communications. The company’s network incorporates Tier 1 carriers, and satellite infrastructure that includes 53 satellites, eight teleports, 20,000 miles of fiber optic cable, and a 24/7 enterprise-grade global technical support organization. For more information about FMC GlobalSat, please visit www.FMCGlobalSat.com


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