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IONITY Fast Charging Network vertrouwt op know-how has·to·be voor de lange termijn

Elektromobiliteit in Europa

RADSTADT, Austria-(BUSINESS WIRE)- De joint venture IONITY wil met een landelijk netwerk van supersnelle oplaadstations de elektromobiliteit in Europa een doorbraak helpen realiseren. De Oostenrijkse aanbieder van elektromobiliteit, has-to-be, speelt hierbij een belangrijke rol. Het rood-wit-rode bedrijf zal zorgen voor een betrouwbare en probleemloze werking van de laadstations. De twee bedrijven zijn een langdurige samenwerking overeengekomen, zodat de uitbreiding van het Europese netwerk volgens plan kan verlopen.

has-to-be, gevestigd in Radstadt (Salzburg), is gespecialiseerd in slimme oplossingen voor e-laadstations. Hiervoor heeft het bedrijf intelligente software ontwikkeld voor het beheer van elektrische laadinfrastructuren. Het product heet be.ENERGISED en wordt met succes gebruikt bij meer dan 14.000 laadstations wereldwijd.

IONITY Fast Charging Network Relies on has·to·be Know-How for the Long Term

Electromobility in Europe

RADSTADT, Austria–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The IONITY joint venture aims to help electromobility achieve a breakthrough in Europe with a nationwide network of super-fast charging stations. The Austrian electromobility provider, has·to·be, is playing an important role in this. The red-white-red company will take care of the reliable and trouble-free operation of the charging stations. The two companies have agreed on a long-term cooperation so that the expansion of the Europe-wide network can proceed according to plan.

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has·to·be and IONITY focus on long-term cooperation (Graphic: Business Wire)

has·to·be and IONITY focus on long-term cooperation (Graphic: Business Wire)

has·to·be, based in Radstadt (Salzburg), specializes in smart solutions for e-charging stations. For this purpose, the company has developed intelligent software for the management of electrical charging infrastructures. The product is called be.ENERGISED and is used successfully at more than 14,000 charging stations worldwide. The special feature of be.ENERGISED is its versatility: The software provides a comprehensive range of functions that can cover all the relevant requirements of a charging point operator (CPO), from billing to charging station management. In addition, has·to·be supplements the product range with 24-hour operation management by its Operations Center in Salzburg. This makes the has·to·be product range particularly attractive for IONITY.

Trouble-free operation and easy payment

Several has·to·be solutions are being used in the rapidly growing IONITY network: The be.ENERGISED software ensures stable operation of the charging stations and enables simple billing, regardless of which charging card the customer wants to charge with. Even direct payment at the charging station without a contract is possible. In addition, has·to·be operates a 24/7 hotline and the technical 24/7 operations center so that errors can be rectified quickly and, in many cases, automatically.

Martin Klässner: “Moving Europe forward together”

In March 2019, IONITY and has·to·be signed a long-term cooperation agreement. “We have accompanied IONITY from the very beginning and are very proud to be part of this trend-setting project for the future of mobility in Europe,” says Martin Klässner, CEO of has·to·be. He sees the expansion of the charging infrastructure as being on the right track and stresses its importance for the progress of the entire industry: “Motor vehicles often dominate the public debate, and it is just as important for the long-term success of e-mobility that the expansion of the charging infrastructure should proceed in a targeted manner”, states Klässner confidently. “IONITY has presented a vision and concrete implementation steps that will help Europe advance in this area,” continues Klässner.

Full speed ahead for Europe’s fast charging network

The IONITY fast charging network on Europe’s motorways is presently growing according to plan: currently, 76 locations with an average of six charging points are in operation in nine European countries. A further 49 locations are already under construction. By the end of 2020, 400 locations in 23 countries are planned.


The company, based in Radstadt (Salzburg), Munich and Vienna, is a leading provider of complete solutions for electric mobility. The has·to·be products and services offer everything that companies need to succeed in electric mobility: from the carefree operation of e-charging stations to the management of worldwide mobility offers.

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