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PV InfoLink gastheer van dialogen met zwaargewichten uit de sector op 2H19 Solar Market Outlook voorafgaand aan SNEC

TAIPEI, Taiwan-(BUSINESS WIRE) – Een seminar met de titel “2H19 PV Market Outlook and Forecast” zal worden gehouden in Sjanghai op 3 juni, een dag voorafgaand aan SNEC, om de vooruitzichten voor de wereldwijde toeleveringsketenmarkt in de tweede helft van dit jaar te bespreken.

Het seminar wordt gehouden door PV InfoLink, een toonaangevende leverancier van informatie over de zonne-energiemarkt, en zal PV-fabrikanten, ontwikkelaars, EPC en investeerders samenbrengen om belangrijke kwesties te onderzoeken die een rol spelen in de sector en de deelnemers helpen waardevolle inzichten te verwerven voor het navigeren door de zich ontwikkelende markt voor zonne-energie.

PV InfoLink to Host Dialogues with Industry Heavyweights on 2H19 Solar Market Outlook Prior To SNEC

TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– A seminar titled “2H19 PV Market Outlook and Forecast” will be held in Shanghai on June 3, one day prior to SNEC, to discuss global supply chain market outlook in the second half of this year.

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2019 Module Prices and Demand Forecast. (Photo: Business Wire)

2019 Module Prices and Demand Forecast. (Photo: Business Wire)

Held by PV InfoLink, a leading solar market intelligence provider, the seminar will bring together PV manufacturers, developers, EPC, and investors to explore major issues revolving the industry and help participants gain valuable insights for navigating the expanding solar market.

PV InfoLink has invited Chinese major companies, including Jinko, Longi, and GCL-Si, to discuss impact of China’s transition to a subsidy-free market.

This year, China’s demand will revive later than usual due to policy uncertainty. Moreover, Japan and India, China’s two major trading partners, saw weakening demand after the end of fiscal 2018 in March. The lowest level of demand is now upon Q2.

Chinese demand is expected to rebound considerably in July and remain strong through Q1 2020. Overseas demand, on the other hand, is usually better in H2 than H1. Driven by both Chinese and overseas demand, the overall demand will surge dramatically in H2 this year.

Under the terms of the consultation paper, priority would be given to historic projects that opt to become grid parity ones voluntarily over this year’s subsidized projects. With limited electricity consumption quota in each province, unsubsidized projects will be favored over capacity demand from this year’s new projects under quota system. Therefore, PV InfoLink revised down China’s module demand from 43GW to 36GW.

Looking into draft subsidy policy, China will allocate roughly CNY 3 billion to subsidy schemes this year. Apart from poverty alleviation program, the rest of the projects will be included in the subsidy schemes. Commercial distribution and ground-mounted projects will have to participate in the bidding process, meaning that installation quota for subsidized projects will be determined by bidding results. Under bidding mechanism, Chinese demand for multi modules is likely to rise, leading to a steady increase in multi module prices after July’s rebound.

Overviewing the entire supply chain, upstream market prices in April have experienced a rapid fall. After stabilized supply and demand rebound in July, prices are expected to bottom out in May. Whereas mono prices in the supply chain are relatively steady, mono PERC module demand will remain strong throughout the year. Though the low season in Q2 may see a slight price downtrend, overall prices will stay around USD 0.27-0.285 without much fluctuation.

PV InfoLink provides the most up-to-date market information and accurate price quotes in the supply chain on a weekly basis, which is used by most large companies as index for price negotiation to stay competitive in the market. Details on how to attend the seminar can be found through the event page here.


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