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Brightline Initiative en Duke Corporate Education werken samen om de uitvoering van een mensgerichte strategie te verbeteren

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa.-(BUSINESS WIRE)- The Brightline™ Initiative kondigde een nieuwe onderzoekssamenwerking aan met Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE), onderdeel van Duke University en een vooraanstaande wereldwijde leverancier van leiderschapsontwikkeling.

De twee partners zullen de belangrijkste principes, richtlijnen en praktijken onderzoeken die nodig zijn om de belangrijkste bron van concurrentievoordeel van de organisatie – haar mensen – te benutten om de kostbare en verkwistende kloof tussen strategieontwerp en levering te dichten.

Prof. Tony O’Driscoll van de Fuqua School of Business and Research Fellow van Duke University met Duke CE zal het onderzoek leiden met het Brightline team.

Brightline Initiative and Duke Corporate Education Collaborate to Advance People-centric Strategy Execution

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Brightline™ Initiative announced a new research collaboration with Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE), part of Duke University and a premier global provider of leadership development.

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The two partners will explore key principles, guidelines, and practices required to leverage the organization’s most importance source of competitive advantage – its people – to close the costly and wasteful gap between strategy design and delivery.

Prof. Tony O’Driscoll of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Research Fellow with Duke CE will lead this research effort with the Brightline team.

“I am very thankful to Brightline for providing us the opportunity to dedicate focused time and attention to understand what organizations must do more, better and differently to bridge the growing gulf between strategy design and delivery,” Prof. O’Driscoll explains. “As the world becomes more connected and complex, we must critically examine the roles that leadership, collaboration, culture and self-interest are playing to cultivate a more proactive and agile strategic capability.”

Dr. Edivandro Conforto, Head of Strategy Research at Brightline, says “Despite the existing body of research and many books about strategy, our most recent research showed that senior leaders still struggle to leverage the organization’s most valuable asset, their people. We hope this research will shed light on how senior leaders and executives can make better decisions about collaboration trade-offs, culture aspects, leadership and people’s behaviors, when implementing their strategies.”

Brightline’s Executive Director Ricardo Vargas notes: “Brightline welcomes Duke CE as an academic and research partner in 2019. In our interactions with senior leaders and executives, we have found that people are the most important asset for an organization. Yet, they are also the most misunderstood and require the most empowerment. The human angle has been a vital area of inquiry for the Brightline Initiative since its foundation. This collaboration will definitely advance the ideas expressed in Brightline’s People Manifesto and the Guiding Principles. We are very excited to partner with Duke CE to uncover new insights to help leaders in this area.”

The research will be published in a detailed report and provide a toolkit and guide for senior executives to recommend how to put people at the heart of their strategic efforts.

About Brightline Initiative

The Brightline™ Initiative is a coalition led by the Project Management Institute (PMI) together with leading global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and delivery. Learn more at www.brightline.org.

Brightline Coalition

Project Management Institute (PMI) – Boston Consulting Group – Bristol Myers Squibb – Saudi Telecom Company – Lee Hecht Harrison – Agile Alliance – NetEase

Academic and Research Collaboration

MIT Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence – Technical University of Denmark – University of Tokyo Global Teamwork Lab – Insper – Duke Corporate Education

About Duke Corporate Education

Part of Duke University, Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) is a premier global provider of leadership development offerings. Duke CE is a blend of a business and university – but distinct from both. Duke CE brings an outcomes-driven focus to client services and real-world insight into the challenges leaders face globally, delivering in more than 80 countries around the world. From its university heritage, Duke CE brings academic rigor and in-depth research. Learn more at www.dukece.com.


Brightline Initiative
Dr. Edivandro Carlos Conforto
Head of Strategy Research

Duke Corporate Education
Christine Robers
Chief Marketing Officer

Professor Tony O’Driscoll
Research Fellow, Duke Corporate Education

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