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Traxens ontvangt Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award voor het ontketenen van een revolutie in de zeevrachtsector

Het IoT- en Big Data-aanbod van het bedrijf is bedoeld om de supply chain-industrie te veranderen

MARSEILLE, Frankrijk–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Traxens, een bedrijf dat hoogwaardige gegevens en diensten levert voor de supply chain-industrie, kondigt vandaag aan dat het de prestigieuze Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award heeft ontvangen voor zijn nieuwe slimme container-tracking Internet of Things (IoT)-oplossing die kan worden ingezet in verschillende industrieën, waaronder de maritieme industrie. Naast de prijs publiceerde Frost & Sullivan ook een diepgaand rapport, ‘Disruptive Innovations in the European Logistics industry’, dat ook een analyse van Traxens en de leidende rol van het bedrijf op het gebied van slimme containers omvat.

De Internet-of-Big-Things-oplossing van Traxens is gebaseerd op een gepatenteerde, baanbrekende technologie die toegang biedt tot de meest uitgebreide, precieze en actuele gegevens voor het beheer van assets in transit overal ter wereld. Deze technologie zorgt voor verbeterde efficiëntie en veiligheid, meer transparantie en een beter gebruik van de activa, terwijl nieuwe kansen worden geboden aan alle actoren die bij de wereldwijde toeleveringsketen zijn betrokken.

Traxens Receives Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award for Revolutionizing Ocean Freight

The company’s IoT and Big Data offering is a set to change the supply chain industry

MARSEILLE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Traxens, a company providing high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, announces today that it has received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for its novel smart container-tracking Internet of Things (IoT) solution for various industries, including maritime. In addition to the award, Frost & Sullivan also published an in-depth report, ‘Disruptive Innovations in the European Logistics industry,’ which includes analysis of Traxens and its leadership in the field of smart containers.

Traxens’ Internet-of-Big-Things solution is based on a patented, breakthrough technology that enables access to the most comprehensive, precise and timely data for managing assets in transit anywhere in the world. This technology brings improved efficiency and security, greater transparency, and enhanced asset utilization whilst opening up new opportunities for all actors involved in the global supply chain.

Traxens’ offering has been recognized for providing invaluable insight to key industry players in the global supply chain market by producing, qualifying, enriching and certifying real-time data.

Traxens offers its cloud-based services but also its own telematics devices, which were developed to address the exact data needs in this segment. Thanks to this end to end solution, Traxens can provide tailored real-time data to all of its customers. Its system has been designed to enable seamless integration with smart devices to ensure flexibility by gathering data.

Traxens devices utilize a patented IoT LowPower mesh network to increase visibility and optimize cellular or satellite network access. Traxens’ IoT platform uses a global positioning system and cellular networks in order to offer full global coverage and transfer data from even the most remote places. Data is sent to Traxens’ IoT platform which handles a vast amount of data from multiple sources. This platform can analyze, manipulate, and convert the data into valuable insights to enable time-sensitive, data-driven decisions, which are key in today’s fast-changing business ecosystems.

“We are thrilled to be receiving this prestigious award from Frost & Sullivan,” said Jacques Delort, CEO of Traxens. “This proves that the company is going in the right direction and is poised to transform the global supply chain industry through state-of-the-art IoT and Big Data services, which can make processes much more efficient for key industry players.”

“Traxens’ solution enables customers to reduce the shipping cost per container per voyage. Moreover, the company goes the extra mile by reducing cargo loss, packaging costs, damaged goods, theft, pilferage, tampering, fraud and counterfeiting, thereby saving billions of euros annually for customers,” said Suriya Anjumohan, Transportation & Logistics Industry Analyst of Frost & Sullivan. “Data delivered by Traxens enables a multitude of supply chain efficiencies enhancing client satisfaction, expediting customs clearance, ensuring process compliance and leading to better insurance and financing agreements.”

The international shipping industry is responsible for the transport of approximately 90% of world trade. There are over 50,000 merchant ships transporting cargo all over the world. This generates an estimated annual income of over half a trillion US dollars in freight rates.

Leading consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes the best of the industry every year at its annual Technology Leadership Awards ceremony, which will take place in London on July 10th.

Traxens already works with two leading shipping companies worldwide and is conducting trials of its equipment in major European ports. It has signed dozens of contracts with BCOs (Beneficial Cargo Owners).


Traxens generates, collects, consolidates, enriches, and transforms logistics asset data into actionable insight. The company’s breakthrough Internet-of-Big-Things technology provides comprehensive, real-time information for managing logistics assets anywhere in the world. Traxens’ solutions digitally transform multi-modal supply chains, enabling customers to reduce costs, optimize investments, comply with environmental regulations and deliver premium services to their customers.


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