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Onchain Custodian, de cryptocurrency en ‘Digital Asset Custodian’ ondersteund door Sequoia, Fosun en DHVC, lanceert zijn SAFE™ -platform en value-added services

Met Da Hongfei, de legendarische oprichter van de NEO Blockchain, als bestuursvoorzitter, en Alexandre Kech, ex-SWIFT Asia Pacific Head of Securities & FX, heeft CEO, Onchain Custodian (ONC) een sterk team van blockchain, kapitaal, markt- en bankprofessionals opgebouwd die haar klanten in staat zullen stellen de operationele en technologische last van het beheer van hun digitale activa-investeringen te verlichten

SINGAPORE- (BUSINESS WIRE) – Onchain Custodian heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat het zijn digitale asset custody-platform en diensten met toegevoegde waarde zal lanceren ter gelegenheid van de Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit, 11 en 12 april in Singapore, waar ONC zal spreken en vertonen. Het startevenement zal naar verwachting prominente VIP-gasten aantrekken uit Azië.

Onchain Custodian, the Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset Custodian Backed by Sequoia, Fosun and DHVC, Launches its SAFE™ Platform and Value-Added Services

With Da Hongfei, the legendary founder of the NEO Blockchain, as chair of the board, and Alexandre Kech, ex-SWIFT Asia Pacific Head of Securities & FX, as CEO, Onchain Custodian (ONC) has built a strong team of blockchain, capital market and banking professionals who will allow its customers to alleviate the operational and technological burden of managing their digital asset investments

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Onchain Custodian announced today that it will launch its digital asset custody platform and value-added services at the occasion of the Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit, 11th and 12th April in Singapore, where ONC will speak and exhibit. The summit and launch event are expected to attract high profile VIP guests from around Asia.

Headquartered in Singapore, Onchain Custodian has developed a comprehensive online platform to secure digital asset investments with customisable custody solutions and institutional grade security and controls. The SAFE™ Digital Asset Custody Platform is flexibly built to meet the possible futures of digital asset custody. It supports mainstream crypto currencies and tokens, and will evolve swiftly to handle securities tokens and stable coins as the regulation and industry develop.

The slur of news on theft of cryptocurrencies and lack of institutional grade custody solution in Asia has created increasing demand for a custodian like ONC. Even before the launch of its SAFE™ Platform, potential customers have knocked on the doors of ONC for discussions around the services.

ONC is also researching into the latest tested protocols in terms of securing private keys, so that its customers will always benefit from secured and efficient custody solutions. ONC’s objective is to secure and automate digital asset custody through innovation, but also with industry standardisation in mind.

Da Hongfei, Board Chair of ONC: “Third-party custody is one of the fundamental pillars needed to drive mainstream adoption of tokenized assets. Onchain Custodian is contributing this important piece of infrastructure to the digital asset economy.”

Li Jun, Founder, Ontology Foundation: “The Ontology Foundation has decided to appoint Onchain Custodian for the independent third-party custody of its crypto reserves. In addition to increasing transparency vis a vis our community, it will allow us to focus all our energy and resources on progressing the Ontology project, leaving the safekeeping of our assets to a strong team of professionals”

El Lee, COO ONC: “Trust is vital for the custody business. Customers must be able to trust you as a credible technology enabler and a financial services provider. We are both!” Alexandre Kech, CEO ONC to conclude: “Onchain Custodian aims to bring peace of mind to customers who should only be concerned by the growth of their business. ONC focuses on securing their digital assets to allow them to do exactly that!”

For more details on the ambitious plans of Onchain Custodian, visit www.oncustodian.com, LinkedIn and Twitter.


CEO, Alexandre Kech

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