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Finlandia Hall breekt records in 2019

HELSINKI- (BUSINESS WIRE) – Finlandia Hall beleeft een recordbrekend 2019. Het gebouw, benoemd als de nationale locatie van Finland, is verheugd verschillende internationale congressen, jaarlijkse algemene vergaderingen en vieringen in de lente te houden. Het hoogtepunt van deze grote run is het voorzitterschap van de Raad van de Europese Unie – dat is dit jaar voor Finland. Finlandia Hall is gekozen als enige locatie voor ongeveer 70 EU-vergaderingen die tijdens het voorzitterschap bijeenkomen. Het architectonische meesterwerk van de legendarische Alvar Aalto heeft zijn status bewezen als een belangrijke aanwinst voor de bruisende stad Helsinki, de hoofdstad van Finland.

Finland Hall beleeft dit jaar een fantastische run. Het beroemde centrum van cultuur, dat ook kan worden omschreven als de Finse nationale locatie, zal dit jaar zijn jaarlijkse omzetrecord breken.

“We gaan op weg naar een fantastisch jaar. Onze internationale congresgasten stimuleren de economie van Helsinki met bijna 50 miljoen euro over het jaar”, verklaart de CEO van Finlandia Hall Johanna Tolonen.

Finlandia Hall Breaks Records in 2019

HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Finlandia Hall is having a record-breaking 2019. The building, named as the Finnish national venue, is pleased to host several international congresses, annual general meetings and celebrations during the spring. The highlight of the great run will be the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, held by Finland. Finlandia Hall has been chosen as the sole venue for around 70 EU meetings gathered during the Presidency. The architectonic masterpiece of legendary Alvar Aalto has proved its status as an important asset to the vibrant city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Finlandia Hall is having a fantastic run this year. The famous center of culture, which can also be described as the Finnish national venue, will this year break its yearly record in revenues.

“We are heading towards a fabulous year. Our international congress guests boost the economy of Helsinki with almost 50 million euros every year. Guests boost the local services, like restaurants, hotels and all kinds of shops. We are located at the very heart of beautiful Helsinki which means that all the city center’s generous services are at hand,” the CEO of Finlandia Hall Johanna Tolonen states.

Finlandia Hall is a premise for fun, versatility and ease. The dignified building drawn by iconic architect Alvar Aalto hides inside wide range of different kinds of spaces for concerts, gigs, plays, fairs, exhibitions, congresses, and meetings. When choosing where to organize an international event, Finlandia Hall is among the biggest assets for Finland and its maritime capital Helsinki.

“Organizers evaluate different venues by strengths and suitability for the event. At the moment responsibility, safety and food selection are emphasized as criteria. These all are criteria which Finlandia Hall has been praised for. Last summer we built probably the Happiest Media Center in the World for the political Trump-Putin Summit. Thanks to our highly skilled staff it was all done within less than two weeks’ notice. As a result, the happy journalists spread the word around the world about us,” Tolonen rejoices.

Since the Trump-Putin Summit several international event agencies have visited Helsinki to check the Hall for their major future feasts.

Firm, fun and fantastic – Finlandia Hall

In 2019 the Finlandia Hall’s revenue will exceed 20 million euros. That is more than the Hall has ever accomplished in a year.

Altogether, 39 international congresses will take place at the Finlandia Hall during 2019. Their themes range from medical sciences to technology and ecology. In June, World Circular Economy Forum will bring over 2000 opinion influencers and policymakers to Helsinki from all over the world. World Tourism Cities Federation Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2019 will be arranged in September. This helps to strengthen the position of Helsinki in global tourism industry.

The Presidency of the Council of the European Union will be held by Finland 19/7–19/12. During that time Finlandia Hall has the privilege to host around 70 EU meetings as the sole venue of The Presidency of the Council.

“It is a great honour for us to become trusted to manage such an extraordinary task. And while we are hosting the EU meetings we welcome all the other guests also in. Our large building has every facility to be a venue of firm, fun and fantastic, all at the same time,” Tolonen says.

Finlandia Hall was awarded as the Best Congress / Conference / Convention Venue at Bea World Festival 2018, which awards the best events annually.

To be able to serve its guests comprehensively, Finlandia Hall will go through a complete renovation during the years 2022–2024. In the future the global events industry’s spotlight will be directed to Helsinki.

Finlandia Hall is a masterpiece by the world-renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. This makes it a popular venue for both international and domestic events hosted in Helsinki.

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