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Brightstar lanceert NX Life, de nieuwste reeks betrouwbare, gebruikte apparaten

BARCELONA, Spanje–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brightstar, marktleider op het gebied van lifecycle-beheer van apparaten en diensten met toegevoegde waarde voor de op het internet aangesloten wereld, heeft NX Life gelanceerd: een nieuw merk dat zich concentreert op betrouwbare, tweedehands mobiele apparaten.

Als onderdeel van het portfolio van gespecialiseerde services voor de draadloze industrie, heeft Brightstar meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in zogenoemde reverse logistics. Dankzij dit expertisegebied kan Brightstar de terugkoop- en inruilprocessen beheren, wat betekent dat alle smartphones die consumenten terugkrijgen, worden verzameld, getest, beoordeeld en vervolgens worden doorverkocht op nieuwe markten.

Brightstar Launches NX Life, Its Latest Line of Trusted, Pre-Owned Devices

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Brightstar, the leader in device lifecycle management and value-added services for the connected world, has launched NX Life, a new brand centered around trusted, pre-owned mobile devices.

Among its portfolio of specialized services for the wireless industry, Brightstar has more than 20 years working in reverse logistics. This area of expertise allows Brightstar to manage the buyback and trade-in processes, meaning all smartphones that consumers return are collected, tested, graded, and then resold into new markets.

With locations throughout the world, Brightstar handles millions of returns every year. Its team of experts, paired with sophisticated AI-based machinery, perform meticulous reviews of every device it receives, thoroughly testing each one for cosmetic and functional defects. Where needed, Brightstar’s labs will refurbish the phones to ensure that all devices specially packaged and sold under the NX Life brand meet its high-quality standard.

“As the prices for new mobile devices increase year after year, we’re creating opportunities for new segments of customers to confidently buy great products at a great price,” said Arturo Osorio, Brightstar’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “This has opened a new market for pre-owned Apple and Samsung phones that are just as good as the latest models even if they’re a year or two old. In a nutshell, NX Life caters to this market by delivering affordable, much-needed pre-owned phones.”

Designed as the affordable alternative to the latest generation of iconic devices, NX Life phones will always fit into one of three price points—$249, $349, or $499.

Moving forward, as consumer demand for pre-owned devices continues to grow throughout the world, NX Life will expand into more countries and new markets. Furthermore, in the coming months, NX Life will be rolling out a line of accessories to complement its phones.

About Brightstar Corp.

Brightstar simplifies the wireless world, making mobile technology accessible to everyone. A subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., we are the world’s leading mobile services company for managing devices and accessories. We work with carrier, retail and enterprise customers across 57 countries, touching every stage of a device’s lifecycle, from when it’s manufactured to the moment it’s time to trade it in and re-market it. To learn more about Brightstar, please visit Brightstar.com. To learn more about NX Life, please visit nxlifemobile.com.


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