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Aventri kondigt BadgeNow aan: De eerste self-service kleurenbadgeprinter

NORWALK, Conn.-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Event management software (EMS) leider Aventri kondigt de lancering aan van BadgeNow, de eerste self-service badge printer die hoogwaardige kleurenbadges voor evenementenplanners aanbiedt. Deze on-demand badgeprinter biedt Aventri-klanten een snel en eenvoudig incheckproces ter plaatse voor deelnemers aan evenementen. BadgeNow integreert met het registratieplatform van Aventri, waardoor een naadloze stroom van bezoekersinformatie in realtime kan worden doorgegeven.

“We kunnen niet enthousiaster zijn om BadgeNow op de markt te brengen en de aanwezigen de nieuwe technologie te laten testen”, zegt Brian Friedman, Vice President Digital Innovation bij Aventri.

Aventri Announces BadgeNow: The First Self-Service Color Badge Printer

NORWALK, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Event management software (EMS) leader Aventri announces the launch of BadgeNow, the first self-service badge printer to offer high-quality color badges for event planners. This on-demand badge printer will offer Aventri customers a quick and easy onsite check-in process for event attendees. BadgeNow integrates with Aventri’s registration platform, which allows for a seamless flow of attendee information to be passed in real-time.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring BadgeNow to market and have attendees test out the new technology,” says Brian Friedman, Vice President of Digital Innovation at Aventri. “After acquiring ITN International in the fall of 2018, we started working on developing a product that would give our clients much needed time back on their check-in process at events. We couldn’t be more pleased to give our clients an efficient way to print badges at their events in only 12 seconds, allowing for a more simplified badging process.”

BadgeNow offers more configurable attendee details than competitors. Aside from First Name, Last Name, and Company, BadgeNow allows planners to add any attendee detail from Aventri Registration such as the attendee’s category to be printed directly on the badge. Requiring no set-up, BadgeNow eliminates stressful hardware compatibility issues and badge material management, and can instantly be connected to Wi-Fi, 4G or Ethernet.

Four notable features of BadgeNow include:

    • Guaranteed Compatibility: BadgeNow works seamlessly with Aventri Registration on any device. Trigger badge printing directly and automatically from Aventri admin, self-service or self-scan check-in.
    • Effortless Setup: Eliminate the need to rely on your IT team to set up your operating system with specific configurations that change from event to event. Launch Aventri Registration, set up a reliable Wi-Fi, 4G or Ethernet connection, and your BadgeNow check-in experience is ready.
    • Shorter Wait Times: Increase attendee check-in speed at the event by leveraging load balancing between multiple printers.
    • Remote Printing: Trigger badge printing remotely or onsite from any device, phone or laptop running Aventri mobile, admin or self-service check-in.

The BadgeNow device arrives at a client’s event pre-configured and fully loaded with badge stock, 4G/ Wi-Fi router, and a power cord.

Interested in implementing BadgeNow at your next event? Visit Aventri.com.



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