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Sigfox 0G Network on Track to Establishing a Standard

The Sigfox network is available in 60 countries, covering all of Europe, and 1 billion people worldwide

The planet is set to be fully covered starting with satellite launch this year

Sigfox protocol becomes public

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– 2018 was marked by strong growth for Sigfox, the first global 0G network, confirming its leadership in small data collection. The French-based company has now validated its unique standard with major industries and key players trusting Sigfox as the world’s leading small data provider.

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Raouti Chehih, Marion Moreau and Franck Siegel, members of Sigfox Exco (Photo: Sigfox)

Raouti Chehih, Marion Moreau and Franck Siegel, members of Sigfox Exco (Photo: Sigfox)

Significant, measurable milestones have been reached by the company such as:

  • The expansion of its network to 60 countries through new Sigfox Operators joining the largest IoT ecosystem in the world. More than 500M € have been invested by Sigfox and Sigfox Operators to create this unique network.
  • The latest milestone was reached at the end of December 2018, with Poland joining the Sigfox Operators family allowing Sigfox to become the only operator offering full European coverage
  • 1 billion people are now covered by the network. This represents a huge milestone since the beginning of the company’s epic adventure, which started with the first antenna installation in France in 2011
  • Data services activity is now successfully growing with more and more significant deals secured: 6,2 million devices are connected to Sigfox network as per last year’s objective (+148%), and 13 million messages are collected every day.

Overall, the company’s total revenue has increased by 20% since 2017, bringing it to 60 million euros. Connectivity revenue has increased by almost 100%. In just 4 years, Sigfox’s revenue has increased by 400%.

  • The dynamic market has been enhanced with Sigfox’s unique value proposition based on robust technology and plug-and-play solutions. In 2018, Sigfox signed major deals with industry leading companies including Dachser, Getrak, Michelin, NEC, Netstar, PSA/IBM and Total for asset tracking, demonstrating that Sigfox is 100% a viable solution to digitalize industrial patrimony. Tier one manufacturers in the automotive and mobile industries, Alps and LiteOn also joined the Sigfox ecosystem.

Sigfox is also playing a remarkable role in the back up of connectivity services. 0G technology has been chosen and integrated into the innovative FreeBox Delta, through a strategic partnership with Free, Iliad Group led by Xavier Niel, with the use case showcased during its latest keynote in Paris, France.

Indeed, Sigfox technology is a reliable alternative service of communication for security devices. Over the last 5 years, 2.8 million Securitas alarms have been linked to the Sigfox network.

  • The adoption of Sigfox is growing tremendously with more than 200 universities, and partners as well as more than 1.200 startups developing the future with Sigfox’s simple technology. The first Hacking House is now open in San Francisco to accelerate emerging solutions across industries.
  • Sigfox technology is now being democratized with the recent opening of its specifications for devices. This major step will empower the whole ecosystem of device makers as well as academic communities to develop new solutions connecting the unconnected.

The World is not enough!

As part of its ambitious 5 year strategy referred to as “1B23”, Sigfox is naturally working towards its target of connecting 1 billion devices to its 0G network by the end of 2023.

The execution of the strategy, driven by an international Exco team and backed by its two co-founders, is structured around the following initiatives:

  • Achieving a global footprint of its 0G network by expanding in strategic countries: India, Russia, China.
  • Partnering with Eutelsat, Sigfox will test its first Satellite in H2 2019: The two companies will finetune their offer to prepare for the commercial launch of the “ELO” constellation in 2020. The key objective is to cover the entire planet under one single umbrella with simplicity and high capacity as a result of a combination of ground and satellite networks. The Sigfox ecosystem and customers will experience satellite usage without modifying their existing devices.

With its unique coverage and large quantity of connected devices, Sigfox definitely demonstrates its performance and relevance. Tier one customers around the globe acknowledge our value proposition with a high level of satisfaction. It’s no longer a dream to track assets across continents with a few dollar trackers with years of autonomy. Only a 0G network can deliver such performance. But it’s never enough, save the date for Sigfox Connect in Singapore” said Ludovic Le Moan, CEO and Co-Founder of Sigfox.

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