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Humanetics Innovative Solutions werkt samen met SATT Conectus Alsace voor de distributie van SUFEHM, ontwikkeld door de Universiteit van Straatsburg.

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Humanetics is verheugd een overeenkomst aan te kondigen met SATT Conectus Alsace, het filiaal voor technologieoverdracht van de Universiteit van Straatsburg, om als wereldwijde distributeur te dienen voor het eindige-elementenhoofdmodel van de Universiteit van Straatsburg (SUFEHM). SUFEHM is een ultramodern, gedetailleerd model voor het menselijk hoofd, ontwikkeld door de Universiteit van Straatsburg voor gebruik bij het voorspellen van hoofdletsel. Als gevolg van deze nieuwe samenwerking zal de SUFEHM nu wereldwijd beschikbaar zijn in alle belangrijke markten.

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Humanetics Innovative Solutions partners with SATT Conectus Alsace to distribute SUFEHM, developed by the University of Strasbourg

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Humanetics is pleased to announce an agreement with SATT Conectus Alsace, the technology transfer affiliate of the University of Strasbourg, to serve as a global distributor for the Strasbourg University Finite Element Head Model (SUFEHM). SUFEHM is a state-of-the-art, detailed human head model developed by Strasbourg University for use in predicting head injury. As a result of this new partnership, the SUFEHM will now be available worldwide in all key markets.

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Strasbourg University Finite Element Head Model - Head Injury Prediction Tool (Photo: Business Wire)

Strasbourg University Finite Element Head Model – Head Injury Prediction Tool (Photo: Business Wire)

SUFEHM is primarily used in automotive applications for assessing vehicle crash safety, but has also been used in other development activities, most notably for helmet design for motorcycle, bicycle and military use. It is recognized as a leading virtual proxy of the human head, having been validated to numerous impact conditions and fitted with relevant tissue level brain injury criteria. Euro NCAP is currently evaluating the advanced head injury criteria calculated by SUFEHM Box for inclusion into its assessment protocol.

Christopher O’Connor, President and CEO of Humanetics, commented, “Humanetics is excited for the opportunity to partner with Strasbourg University to promote and support this innovative product in all major markets around the world. SUFEHM greatly complements our current product portfolio and furthers our mission toward reducing the severity of injuries and ultimately eliminating automotive crash related fatalities. We appreciate Strasbourg University for entrusting Humanetics with this life-saving, critical tool.”

SUFEHM is available from Humanetics with the head model attached to a finite element dummy model or in a desktop application called SUFEHM Box that runs the model internally based on accelerations entered by the user. Since SUFEHM Box runs the model within the application itself, no finite element user experience is required.

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