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SpeeDx Vergroot Europees distributienetwerk

Uitgebreide dekking bereikt via ondertekening van AB ANALITICA en Immuno Diagnostic Oy

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SpeeDx heeft deals gesloten met twee nieuwe distributiepartners. Daardoor krijgen klanten uitgebreide toegang tot de marktleidende SpeeDx ResistancePlus®- en PlexPCR®-tests in heel Europa. AB ANALITICA zal over heel Italië gaan, Immuno Diagnostic Oy dekt Finland.

“Onze nieuwe distributiepartners hebben een sterke verkooppositie in hun regio en nauwe werkrelaties met de belangrijkste klanten die geïnteresseerd zijn in onze oplossingen”, zegt Colin Denver, CEO van SpeeDx. “Antibioticaresistentie bij seksueel overdraagbare aandoeningen is een topprioriteit voor autoriteiten en testinstanties in heel Europa, en nu hebben meer laboratoria toegang tot onze ResistancePlus-tests voor mycoplasma genitalium en gonorroe om te helpen de echte behoefte aan door weerstand geleide therapie aan te pakken.”

SpeeDx Increase European Distribution Network

Comprehensive coverage achieved with signing of AB ANALITICA and Immuno Diagnostic Oy

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SpeeDx have announced signing two new distribution partners, creating comprehensive access for customers to market-leading SpeeDx ResistancePlus® and PlexPCR® tests across Europe. AB ANALITICA will distribute throughout Italy and Immuno Diagnostic Oy will cover Finland.

“Our new distribution partners have strong sales presence in their regions and close working relationships with the key customers that are interested in our solutions,” says Colin Denver, SpeeDx CEO. “Antibiotic resistance in sexually transmitted diseases is a top concern for authorities and testing bodies across Europe, and now more laboratories can access our ResistancePlus tests for Mycoplasma genitalium and gonorrhoea to help address the real need for Resistance Guided Therapy.”

The SpeeDx ResistancePlus portfolio includes ResistancePlus GC* (CE-IVD) – the first commercially available test that combines Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC) detection with markers for ciprofloxacin susceptibility. ResistancePlus GC enables stewardship of last-line antibiotic treatments by directing therapy towards ciprofloxacin when appropriate. Ciprofloxacin is a simple oral antibiotic, and surveillance data indicates it is still effective for up to 70% of gonorrhoea infections.1-4 The market-leading ResistancePlus MG assay from SpeeDx simultaneously detects Mycoplasma genitalium and genetic markers for azithromycin resistance, with demonstrated clinical outcomes of increased patient cure rate up to 92% compared with 40% cure rates when using MG-detection-only testing.5 SpeeDx also plans to release a new ResistancePlus MG test for resistance markers linked to second-line antibiotic treatment failure.

The SpeeDx portfolio also includes PlexPCR VHS – a multiplex test for herpes simplex virus (1 and 2), varicella zoster and Treponema pallidum (syphilis). Further tests in the PlexPCR portfolio include plans for a comprehensive multiplex panel for respiratory virus testing as well as a respiratory bacterial infection testing solution.

*available where CE-mark is accepted, not available in the U.S. or A.U.

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2. Lahra MM et al. Australian Gonococcal Surveillance Programme annual report, 2015
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About SpeeDx

Founded in 2009, SpeeDx is an Australian-based private company with offices in London and the US, and distributors across Europe. SpeeDx specializes in molecular diagnostic solutions that go beyond simple detection to offer comprehensive information for improved patient management. Innovative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology has driven market-leading multiplex detection and priming strategies. SpeeDx has a portfolio of CE-IVD kits for detection of infectious disease pathogens, sexually transmitted infection (STI), and antimicrobial resistance markers and is currently conducting clinical trials for FDA clearance in 2019. SpeeDx ResistancePlus tests enable Resistance Guided Therapy, improving patient outcomes by empowering practitioners to make informed clinical decisions.
For more information about SpeeDx please see: http://plexpcr.com


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