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TDK’s dochteronderneming TDK-Lambda gebruikt Transphorm GaN om de AC-DC-voeding van de PFH-serie te verbeteren

Nieuwe AC-DC Power Modules voor brede industriële toepassingen leveren hoogspanning GaN voordelen: Hogere efficiëntie, hogere prestaties, kleinere afmetingen

GOLETA, Californië (BUSINESS WIRE) – Transphorm Inc.-de leider in het ontwerp en de productie van de hoogste betrouwbaarheid en alleen gekwalificeerde hoogspanning (HV) Gallium Nitride (GaN) halfgeleiders – heeft vandaag bevestigd dat toonaangevende stroomvoorzieningsfabrikant TDK-Lambda, een groepsbedrijf van TDK, zijn eerste op GaN-gebaseerde AC-DC stroomvoorziening heeft vrijgegeven. De volwaardige 504 Watt PFH500F-28 is de nieuwste generatie AC-DC baseplate gekoelde voedingsmodule van het bedrijf. Verder, is de machtsmodule het recentste product van de Transphorm klant om de voordelen van HV GaN aan te tonen, verhogend efficiency door 5 percenten in een 28 percenten kleiner pakket over de vorige PFE500F reeks.

TDK’s Subsidiary TDK-Lambda Uses Transphorm GaN to Advance PFH Series AC-DC Power Supply

New AC-DC Power Modules for Broad Industrial Applications Deliver High-voltage GaN Benefits: Higher Efficiency, Higher Performance, Smaller Size

GOLETA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Transphorm Inc.—the leader in the design and manufacturing of the highest reliability and only qualified high-voltage (HV) Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors—today confirmed that leading power supply manufacturer TDK-Lambda, a group company of TDK, has released its first GaN-based AC-DC power supply. The full function 504 W rated PFH500F-28 is the company’s latest generation AC-DC baseplate cooled power supply module. Further, the power module is the latest Transphorm customer product to demonstrate the HV GaN advantages, increasing efficiency by 5 percent in a 28 percent smaller package over the previous PFE500F series.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190115005041/en/

TDK-Lambda's PFH500F-28 AC-DC power supply module uses Transphorm's GaN modules for a 30% power dens ...

TDK-Lambda’s PFH500F-28 AC-DC power supply module uses Transphorm’s GaN modules for a 30% power density increase. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Broad Industrial Applications Get a Boost

The PFH500F-28 is a low-profile power module with 28 volts of output power designed for various harsh environment applications, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supplies, custom fanless power supplies, traffic signaling, and more. TDK-Lambda’s redesigned standard power module uses a bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction topology to optimize Transphorm’s TPH3206LDG FET in the popular 8×8 PQFN package.

The development project was led by the TDK-Lambda Americas Dallas, TX team and leveraged Transphorm’s application support team throughout various phases of the three-year initiative.

“We are excited to introduce the new standard PFH series,” explained Jin He, Vice President of Engineering at TDK-Lambda. “Our engineers diligently review new technologies that will benefit our end customers to ensure any new product we release is reliable and a notable advancement over prior models. Our decision to work with Transphorm on our first GaN AC-DC product was based largely on the power semiconductors’ proven quality and reliability as well as the team’s reputation for successful collaboration. Our experience was such that we’ve released the PFH500F-28 with our three year warranty and are in discussions with Transphorm regarding future projects.”

Transphorm’s GaN to date has enabled customers to produce computing power supplies, servo motors, and telecom power supplies that show marked advantages in power density, size, and system cost. TDK-Lambda’s power module joins them as the PFH500F-28 delivers the following advantages when compared to its Silicon-based predecessor:

    • Power efficiency: up to 92 percent, a 5 percent increase over the PFE500F
    • Power density: 100W/cubic inch, a 30 percent increase over the PFE500F
    • PMBus™ monitoring and programming (read/write)
    • Size reduction: From 122 x 70 x 12.7 to 101.6 x 61 x 13.5mm, a 28 percent reduction
    • Reduced size of external capacitive components
    • Thermal impact: 38 percent reduction in waste heat, requiring less heatsink/cooling than the PFE500F

About TDK-Lambda Corporation

TDK-Lambda Corporation, a group company of TDK Corporation, is a leading global power supply company providing highly reliable power supplies for industrial equipment worldwide. TDK-Lambda Corporation meets the various needs of customers with our entire range of activities, from research and development through to manufacturing, sales, and service with bases in five key areas, covering Japan, Europe, America, China, and Asia. For more details, please visit https://www.tdk-lambda.com/en/.

Welcome to the GaN Revolution!

Transphorm designs and manufactures the highest performance, highest reliability GaN semiconductors for high-voltage power conversion applications. Holding one of the largest IP portfolios (600+ patents), Transphorm produces the industry’s only JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified GaN FETs. This is due to a vertically-integrated business approach, which allows for innovation at every development stage: design, fabrication, device, and application support. Transphorm: moving power electronics beyond Silicon limits. Website: transphormusa.com Twitter: @transphormusa


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