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c-LEcta kondigt twee lange termijn-industriesamenwerkingen aan

    • Strategische samenwerkingsovereenkomsten gesloten met twee industriële bedrijven
    • Autorisatie en enzymatische productie van een ingrediënt
    • Ontwikkeling en commercialisering van een enzymatisch proces voor de productie van een fijne chemische stof voor de farmaceutische industrie

LEIPZIG, Duitsland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–c-LEcta heeft twee jaarovereenkomsten voor lange termijn-samenwerkingen ondertekend die een substantiële impact op de ontwikkeling van het bedrijf zullen hebben. c-LEcta is een wereldwijde technologieleider op het gebied van enzymtechnologie en bioprocesontwikkeling voor gereguleerde markten zoals de levensmiddelen en farmaceutische industrie.Beide overeenkomsten kennen aanzienlijke kortetermijnopbrengsten voor de projectactiviteiten van het c-LEcta, terwijl ze ook een aantrekkelijk lange termijn-inkomenspotentieel bieden.

c-LEcta Announces Two Long-Term Industry Collaborations

    • Strategic cooperation agreements finalized with two industrial companies
    • Authorization and enzymatic production of a food ingredient
    • Development and commercialization of an enzymatic process for the production of a fine chemical for the pharmaceutical industry

LEIPZIG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– c-LEcta, a global technology leader in the fields of enzyme engineering and bioprocess development for regulated markets such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, signed two long-term cooperation agreements at the turn of the year with material impact on the company’s future development. Both agreements provide significant short-term revenues for the company’s project business while also offering attractive long-term income potential.

The first contract was signed late last year with one of the world’s largest food producers. Both parties have now agreed on the joint approval and the production implementation of a food ingredient. c-LEcta will produce the enzymatic product in industrial quantities exclusively for its partner. The project complements c-LEcta’s extensive activities in the food sector and is an optimal addition to the Leipzig-based company’s product portfolio.

The second contract with one of the world’s leading chemical companies was finalized in early 2019. This agreement aims at the mutual development and subsequent commercialization of an enzymatic process for the production of a fine chemical for the pharmaceutical industry. The product is a chiral building block used in the production of life-saving pharmaceuticals. This move strengthens c-LEcta’s position as one of the leading suppliers of enzymatic solutions for the production of valuable chemical products for the pharmaceutical industry.

“Cooperating with industry to develop new biotechnological products and marketing them together is an important pillar in c-LEcta’s business model. We are delighted to have signed agreements with two global blue-chip companies and are confident that we will successfully bring these two projects to market,” says Dr. Marc Struhalla, co-founder and CEO of c-LEcta.

About c-LEcta

c-LEcta is a world-leading biotechnology company with a focus on enzyme engineering and application in regulated markets like the food and pharma industries. The company is based in Leipzig, Germany, and has established itself as a leading player in the realization of high-value biotech products, either in the form of in-house developments or in close cooperation with industry. The company currently employs more than 60 people.

c-LEcta delivers cost-efficient and sustainable production processes which open new markets and allow for better penetration of existing markets. The company is characterized by fast and efficient development of best-in-class biotech solutions and a rapid and successful market introduction and commercialization of the resulting products. This enables c-LEcta to leverage the unique potential of its core technologies. c-LEcta has a proven track record of more than ten successfully commercialized high-value industrial biotech products.


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