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Uitspraken tegen Huawei en ZTE Tenuitvoerlegging in Duitsland

DENVER—-(BUSINESS WIRE)– MPEG LA heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat octrooihouders in MPEG LA’s AVC/H.264 Patent Portfolio License de uitspraken van de rechtbank (“Landgericht Düsseldorf”) hebben afgedwongen waarin wordt vastgesteld dat Huawei Deutschland GmbH (“Huawei”) en ZTE Deutschland GmbH (“ZTE”) inbreuk hebben gemaakt op octrooien door hun gebruik in mobiele telefoons die de AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) norm implementeren. Zie http://www.mpegla.com/Lists/MPEG%20LA%20LA%20Legal%20Action%20List/Att achments/61/FINAL%20Huawei%20ZTE%20Inbreuk%20PrsRls%202018-11-16.pdf.



Verdicts Against Huawei and ZTE Enforced in Germany

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)– MPEG LA announced today that patent holders in MPEG LA’s AVC/H.264 Patent Portfolio License have enforced verdicts of injunction in German District court (“Landgericht Dusseldorf”) cases finding that Huawei Deutschland GmbH (“Huawei”) and ZTE Deutschland GmbH (“ZTE”) infringed patents by their use in mobile phones that implement the AVC/H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) Standard. See http://www.mpegla.com/Lists/MPEG%20LA%20Legal%20Action%20List/Attachments/61/FINAL%20Huawei%20ZTE%20Infringement%20PrsRls%202018-11-16.pdf.

Against Huawei the case 4a O 17/17 (EP 1 773 067/Appeal case no. I-15 U 73/18) has been enforced.

Against ZTE the case 4b O 5/17 (EP 1 750 451/Appeal case no. I-2 U 76/18) has been enforced.

In both cases the Court of Appeals (“Oberlandesgericht Dusseldorf”) has dismissed Huawei’s and ZTE’s requests for an immediate stay of the enforcement while the cases are under appeal.

As a result, Huawei and ZTE must cease and desist from offering in Germany AVC/H.264 compliant devices such as smartphones and tablets that use the enforced patents. In addition, all such products in their possession or the possession of third parties must be recalled and destroyed.

“Although the failure to be licensed has made these enforcements necessary, taking a license under the AVC patents would easily remedy it, and we continue to welcome Huawei and ZTE to do so,” said Larry Horn, President and CEO of MPEG LA.

Validity cases related to the patents in suit are pending before the Federal Patent Court in Munich, Germany (“Bundespatentgericht”).

A team led by Axel Verhauwen of Krieger Mes & Graf v. der Groeben and Gottfried Schüll of Cohausz & Florack represented the plaintiffs.


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