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Revolutie in online enquête-ervaring voor onderwijsmarkt


Explorance introduceert een nieuw concept voor het creëren van, reageren op en analyseren van online enquêtes, terwijl de betrokkenheid bij het onderzoek wordt vergroot.

Explorance, de toonaangevende leverancier van Learning Journey Analytics (LJA) solution, brengt BlueX™ uit, een nieuw lid van de Blue® familie voor de onderwijsmarkt. BlueX is een zeer interactieve online enquêtetool die geavanceerde concepten introduceert die vandaag de dag nog niet beschikbaar zijn in de traditionele online enquêtecreatie. Deze modernisering van de online enquêtearena heeft tot doel de ervaring van de enquêteschrijver en de betrokkenheid van de respondenten te verbeteren en zo de populariteit van online enquêtetools te vergroten en de responspercentages te verhogen.

Deze bekendmaking is officieel geldend in de originele brontaal. Vertalingen zijn slechts als leeshulp bedoeld en moeten worden vergeleken met de tekst in de brontaal, die als enige rechtsgeldig is.

A Revolution in Online Survey Experience for the Education Market


Explorance introduces a new concept for creating, responding to, and analyzing online surveys while boosting survey engagement.

Explorance, the leading Learning Journey Analytics (LJA) solution provider, releases BlueX™, a new member of the Blue® family for the education market. BlueX is a highly interactive online survey tool that introduces advanced concepts not yet available in traditional online survey creation today. This modernization of the online survey arena aims to improve the survey authoring experience and respondent engagement thus reviving the popularity of online survey tools and increasing response rates.

It is common knowledge that many find existing online survey tools to be inefficient, cumbersome, and extensively limiting to design. “Creating online surveys with the current technologies forces you, as a survey administrator, to set blocks of questions where the experience, structure, and sequence are predefined and cannot be readily changed. The data collected is attached only to a specific question and the presentation must be structured in the Q & A form,” says Becky Patterson, Executive Director at the Office of Institutional Research and Planning at the University of Louisville. “In a fast-paced world with an overflow of information and multiple devices, the current survey technologies are obsolete and lead to survey respondents’ disengagement, which in turn lowers survey response rates,” adds Patterson.

BlueX, on the other hand, offers the possibility of building surveys in a free-text form, using AI-based conditional logic, sophisticated forking, automated repeatable questions, and smart piping, which allows administrators to create surveys faster and with greater flexibility.

In order to increase survey response engagement, BlueX enables customized presentation where multimedia elements can be added as part of the survey, and where the survey presentation is automatically adjusted to the type of device used. In addition, BlueX provides the ability to embed online surveys into web pages or other digital content, thus mobilizing respondents to react in the context of the survey subject.

“BlueX disrupts the traditional concepts of online surveys. With a straightforward and intelligent interface, it transforms the experience for both the survey administrator and the survey respondents, providing a superior and productive environment,” explains Patterson.

BlueX is a centralized feedback solution for all stakeholders in the education market – admins, students, teachers, and researchers can use one tool to gather the feedback they need. To learn more about how BlueX can reshape the way you conduct online surveys for academic research in your organization, visit the BlueX webpage or contact Explorance to schedule a demonstration of the new solution.

About Explorance

Explorance is a Learning Journey Analytics provider that empowers organizations in making the right decisions with fact-based feedback data. Through its offerings, Blue and Metrics That Matter, Explorance is at the heart of the learning organization’s continuous improvement strategies.

Founded in 2003, Explorance is headquartered in Montreal with business units in Chicago, Amsterdam, and Melbourne. Since 2014, Explorance has been consecutively ranked as a top employer by the Great Places to Work Institute®. Explorance’s clients include a wide variety of learning organizations from various segments including academia, enterprise, consulting, and government across the globe. Learn more about Explorance.


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