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De nieuwste Whitebox-softwarebeveiligingstool van Secure levert mobiele ontwikkelaars nieuwe niveaus van bescherming, prestaties en controle

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, Frankrijk (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nieuws omtrent regelgeving:

Inside Secure (Paris:INSD), in het hart van de beveiligingsoplossingen voor mobiele en aangesloten apparaten, kondigde vandaag de algemene beschikbaarheid aan van zijn Whitebox 3.0 software crypto-security tool die cryptografische sleutels en algoritmes beschermt in mobiele toepassingen die top-notch beveiliging vereisen.

Mobiele toepassingen zijn intrinsiek actief in een blootgestelde omgeving en zijn gevoelig voor aanvallers die dan alle geheimen van de app kunnen zien. Als bewezen innovator op het gebied van softwarebeveiliging bouwt Inside Secure voort op vele jaren van succesvolle integraties voor topontwikkelaars om de beste technologie te bieden voor het verbergen van gegevens en cryptografie op mobiele apparaten.

Inside Secure’s Latest Whitebox Software Security Tool Brings Mobile Developers New Levels of Protection, Performance and Control

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Regulatory News:

Inside Secure (Paris:INSD), at the heart of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, today announced general availability of its Whitebox 3.0 software crypto-security tool that protects cryptographic keys and algorithms inside mobile applications that demand top-notch security.

Inherently running in an exposed environment, mobile applications are susceptible to attackers who can then see all the secrets within the app. As a proven innovator in software security, Inside Secure builds on numerous years of successful integrations for top developers to offer the best technology for hiding data and cryptography on mobile devices.

Serving as an appealing alternative to an expensive, hardware-dependent Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or Secure Element (SE) Whitebox 3.0 secures assets with uniquely powerful features that bring industry-changing gains in performance and flexibility – key traits that developers demand. Inside Secure’s pure software approach means that an application can support any device.

“With the launch of Whitebox 3.0, Inside Secure is changing how developers approach software security, as it offers previously unavailable levels of control while also further enhancing protection – a powerful and appealing combination for any developer,” said Simon Blake-Wilson, COO at Inside Secure. “We’ve harnessed our industry know-how and long-time expertise in mobile to further hamper cybercriminals’ ability to analyze software and identify sensitive data. We’re proud that some of today’s leading brands depend on Inside Secure as a trusted partner to help fortify their solutions.”

The “smart” technology with Inside Secure’s Whitebox 3.0 provides developers with the tools to compile Whitebox implementations themselves and maintain control of the vital keys that unlock the WhiteBox. Additionally, it infuses key data into an application’s logic in such a way that it is impractical to extract – deterring criminals while also bringing peace of mind for application developers and users alike.

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Inside Secure (Euronext Paris – INSD) is at the heart of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, providing software, silicon IP, tools and know-how needed to protect customers’ transactions, content, applications, and communications. With its deep security expertise and experience, the company delivers products having advanced and differentiated technical capabilities that span the entire range of security requirement levels to serve the demanding markets of network security, IoT security, content & application protection, mobile payment & banking. Inside Secure’s technology protects solutions for a broad range of customers including service providers, content distributors, security system integrators, device makers and semiconductor manufacturers. Visit www.insidesecure.com




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