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CreativeDrive klaar om retailsector ingrijpend te veranderen door overname van 3D-, AR/VR- en techbedrijf Decora

CreativeDrive CGI verruimt capaciteiten met vooruitstrevend, schaalbaar en voordelig systeem voor 3D, AR en meeslepende content

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– CreativeDrive heeft met een gestructureerd overnamebod, dat mogelijk meer dan 100 miljoen dollar waard is, Decora overgenomen: een start-up in 3D-visualisatie met augmented reality. Dankzij een baanbrekend, gepatenteerd platform, een unieke digitaal productieproces en een internationaal netwerk van 3D-artiesten levert Decora voordelige productvisualisatie, augmented reality en meeslepende ervaringen op schaal.

Decora, dat in 2012 is Brazilië is opgericht, is een versnelde CGI-engine met een reeks vooraanstaande afnemers uit de retailsector. Het bedrijf stroomlijnt de creatie van driedimensionale productmodellen met artikelnummers, hyperrealistische CGI-scènes en een systeem dat marketeers de best schaalbare oplossing biedt.



CreativeDrive Set to Shake-Up the Retail Sector with the Acquisiton of 3D, AR/VR Tech Company Decora

CreativeDrive CGI technology broadens capabilities with a leading, scalable and cost-effective 3D, augmented reality and immersive content solution

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In a structured deal, potentially worth in-excess of $100 million, global content company CreativeDrive has acquired 3D visualization and augmented reality tech-startup, Decora. Through a ground breaking proprietary platform, a unique digital production process and global network of 3D artists, Decora offers cost effective product visualization, augmented reality and immersive experiences at scale.

Decora, founded in Brazil in 2012, is an accelerated CGI engine with a client roster of marquee retailers. The company has streamlined the creation of 3D product models/SKUs and hyper-realistic CGI scenes and created the most scalable solution available to marketers to date. Decora offers clients product images, visual scenes, 360-degree videos and augmented reality ready files making content future proof for today and tomorrow’s consumer engagements. Technology, scale, quality and cost efficiency set Decora apart from others in this space. In 2017, Decora increased its asset production volumes by over 1,000%. As of March 2018, Decora was delivering over 15,000 images and over 7,000 scenes a month via a combination of their full-time talent and growing community of 3D designers.

Decora’s founder, Gustavo Do Valle, who will continue in his role as CEO, noted, “CreativeDrive is the ideal strategic partner for Decora. They work with leading brands and companies across sectors, have a reputation for high quality, efficiency and customer service, and have truly global reach. Together, we will create inspiring content for our clients while driving meaningful efficiency into the content creation process.”

CreativeDrive’s CEO, Myles Peacock, said the integration of Decora’s capabilities with CreativeDrive’s other service offerings will benefit current and future clients. Peacock said, “As a business, we have placed a heavy focus on technology to ensure that we can meet our clients’ increasing and evolving content needs. Decora’s platform, combined with our motion, digital and photography offerings, address our clients’ need to drive sales growth, and achieve quality, speed and cost-efficiencies.”

CreativeDrive, with the assistance of Decora’s established team of interior designers, creates beautifully designed scenes which are customized to its clients’ needs. These scenes can then be dynamically and efficiently edited, which allows clients to add, remove and modify the imagery to address ever-evolving consumer trends and marketing priorities. Enabled by Decora’s proprietary scene building technology, CreativeDrive can deliver these services significantly more quickly and cost efficiently than traditional content creation techniques.

At the consumer level, 3D assets that CreativeDrive creates can be rendered into 360 degree product shots that are integrated into a client’s website as an interactive product spin display allowing customers to see a complete image of a product before they purchase. Images can also be incorporated into a client’s augmented reality program allowing consumers to place products in their homes digitally before making a purchase.

The company will continue operating under the Decora brand for the time being, but the solution will be productized under CreativeDrive.


CreativeDrive is a global, independent creative and content creation company offering one of the largest studio networks with an interconnected team of dedicated creative directors, photographers, artists, motion graphic designers, engineers and specialists. CreativeDrive combines technology and talent to offer custom solutions to clients while its proprietary platform and built-in end-to-end technology guarantees transparency and efficiency. The CreativeDrive network includes over 150 studios in the U.S., Latin America, Asia and Europe. www.creativedrive.com.




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