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MultiPhy stimuleert draadloze 5G-netwerken met PAM4 DSP IC voor 100G in enkele golflengte

MPF3101-SRW loopt voorop in bandbreedte en flexibiliteit en zet de toon in de ontwikkeling van 100G in een enkele golflengte voor draadloze 5G-netwerken

BARCELONA –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Mobile World Congress – MultiPhy Ltd, internationaal marktleider in halfgeleiders voor DSP-gebaseerde breedbandcommunicatie tussen datacenters en draadloze netwerken, kondigt de verkrijgbaarheid van MPF3101-SRW, aan. Deze DSP-chip van 100G voor een enkele golflengte is ontworpen voor Cloud RAN-netwerken met 5G-aansluitingen. De MPF3101-SRW is de nieuwste toevoeging aan MultiPhy’s productlijn 100G FlexPhy. Met de chip zet het bedrijf bovendien een nieuwe stap in oplossingen die binnen één golflengte functioneren.



MultiPhy Boosts Next Generation 5G Wireless Networks with 100G Single-Wavelength PAM4 DSP IC

The MPF3101-SRW delivers leadership bandwidth and flexibility leading the evolution to 100G over single wavelength in 5G wireless networks

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Mobile World Congress – MultiPhy Ltd, a global market leader in DSP-based high bandwidth communications semiconductors for data center and wireless connectivity today announced the availability of the MPF3101-SRW, a 100G single-wavelength PAM4 DSP chip, designed for 5G Cloud RAN network connections. The MPF3101-SRW is the newest addition to MultiPhy’s 100G FlexPhy product line, and another step in the company’s delivery on its promise of single wavelength solutions.

The MPF3101-SRW delivers leadership performance and power, driving cost-effective optical links running at up to 100G on a single wavelength in cloud RAN networks. The device employs advanced DSP and mixed-signal technologies, combined with PAM4 modulation, enabling step-function increase in data rates while driving down costs and power consumption. Specifically designed to operate in extended temperature range, the device is also programmable and supports 25G and 50G rates, enabling seamless network upgrade. It supports QSFP28 form factor for multiple fronthaul deployment scenarios and complies with the CPRI standard (Option 10).

“5G wireless deployments present a strong potential opportunity for the entire optical industry”, said Osa Mok, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of InnoLight. “InnoLight’s 100G single wavelength optical modules enabled by Multiphy’s innovative PAM4 DSP are instrumental in realizing this opportunity in a timely fashion”.

“The upcoming upgrade to 5G wireless networks is creating a strong demand for new, high-performance optical connectivity solutions”, said Avi Shabtai, CEO of MultiPhy. “The demand for 100G connections that allow the build out of these networks is clearly emerging, and the MPF3101-SRW is poised to become the core element of these network connections.”

For more information about the MPF3101-SRW and its development system, please contact your local MultiPhy sales office.

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MultiPhy is the world leader in cutting edge digital-signal-processing based integrated circuits for high-speed communications. The company’s 100Gb/s CMOS chipsets with advanced modulation schemes are leading in the technology paradigm shift made necessary by the dramatic increase in network traffic. MultiPhy’s solutions make optical networks faster, more scalable, flexible and cost-effective.


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