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Bankart Banks naar comforte voor beveiliging van digitale betalingsverwerking

WIESBADEN, Duitsland –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Comforte kondigt met blijdschap aan dat Bankart, een Sloveense leider in verwerkingsservices voor clearing houses en betalingen, SecurDPS heeft geselecteerd voor de bescherming van gegevens.

In de financiële wereld en bankensector is databeveiliging een topprioriteit. Bankart neemt alle mogelijke maatregelen om de klantgegevens te beschermen die het bedrijf zijn toevertrouwd. Een betrouwbaar platform voor gegevensbescherming is daarvoor essentieel. Met die inzet voor dataveiligheid heeft Bankart zichzelf gevestigd als serieuze speler in de sector, wat heeft geleid tot bedrijfsgroei. De recente verbeteringen aan zijn gegevensbescherming stelt het bedrijf in staat de reputatie als betrouwbaar clearing house te behouden.


Bankart Banks on comforte for Secure Digital Payment Processing

WIESBADEN, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– comforte is pleased to announce that Bankart, a Slovenian leader in clearing house and payment processing services, has chosen SecurDPS to bolster its data protection.

In the finance and banking industry, data security is a top priority. Bankart takes every measure possible to protect the customer data that they are entrusted with and a sound and reliable data protection platform is an essential element of this effort. Bankart’s dedication to data security has enabled them to establish themselves as a serious player in the industry and has contributed to their growth as a company. This recent enhancement of their data protection capabilities will allow them to maintain their reputation as a reliable clearing house.

Gregor Pirc, IT Manager at Bankart, d.o.o, involved in the project had this to say:

“What made the difference for us was finding a solution that not only offered state-of-the-art data protection, but also provided application transparency that meant the solution could be integrated seamlessly into our existing applications.”

comforte’s data protection suite, SecurDPS, is a robust technology designed to secure sensitive information via tokenization and encryption. The suite ensures that sensitive data in files or databases is of no use to potential attackers.

SecurDPS allows implementation either with a classic approach using an API or via transparent application integration without any code changes. Using transparent application integration, implementation is completed within weeks rather than months and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional means of integration.

Michael Deissner, CEO at comforte added:

“More and more consumers and companies are shifting away from traditional payments towards digital alternatives. Bankart is now better equipped than ever to facilitate secure digital payments so that this growing market can enjoy the convenience of digital transactions and rest assured that their data is properly protected and kept safe.”

SecurDPS’s patented, highly efficient tokenization algorithm is stateless (aka vaultless), scales linearly and has been vetted by independent cryptologists who are well recognized in the industry. If you’d like to know more, please see our product info page.

About Bankart

Bankart is the leading clearing house and payment processor in Slovenia with 95% market share, with some banks extending to the Balkan region. They provide best-in-class card and ATM processing services to the majority of Slovenian banks. Additionally, Bankart is a leading provider of electronic invoice exchange, making them a key industry player in Eastern Europe.

About comforte

comforte is a leading provider of data protection & digital payments solutions. Today, more than 500 Enterprises worldwide rely on comforte to secure the sensitive data that they have been entrusted with.

With more than 20 years of experience in data protection and connectivity of truly mission-critical systems, comforte is the perfect partner for organizations who want to protect their most valuable asset: data.



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