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Na een uitstekend jaar stelt Price f(x) op succesvolle wijze extra financiering veilig

PFAFFENHOFEN, Duitsland – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Price f(x), een snelgroeiend kostenbeheer, -optimalisatie en CPQ SaaS-provider, is trots om aan te kondigen dat het nu een totaal van $ 8,3 miljoen heeft opgehaald om zijn wereldwijde groei verder uit te bouwen. De financiering wordt geleid door bestaande investeerders Credo Ventures en Talis Capital en samen met Reflex Capital. Deze financiering komt op het moment dat Price f(x) het meest succesvolle jaar ooit afrondt, met een verdubbeling van het aantal klanten en een succesvolle aanwezigheid op de markten in de VS en Azië-Pacific met nieuwe kantoren in respectievelijk Chicago, IL en Brisbane, Australië.

After an Outstanding Year, Price f(x) Successfully Secures Additional Funding

PFAFFENHOFEN, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Price f(x), a fast-growing price management, optimization and CPQ SaaS provider, is proud to announce that it has now raised a total of $8.3M to further fuel its global growth. The funding is led by existing investors Credo Ventures and Talis Capital and joined by Reflex Capital. This financing arrives as Price f(x) completes its most successful year, having doubled the number of customers it serves and successfully established market presence in the US and Asia Pacific with new offices in Chicago, IL and Brisbane, Australia, respectively.

Price f(x) co-founder and CEO Marcin Cichon commented: “This year’s strong performance reconfirms Price f(x)’s clear differentiation, unique value proposition, and vision to disrupt established industry players. The continuous financial and operational support of our investors makes us very proud and will allow Price f(x) to further expand our existing commercial operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, while better serving its rapidly expanding list of customers, both large and small.”

“We see Price f(x) as the fresh, strong challenger transforming the industry and we will continue to support its growth and expansion,” said Ondrej Bartos, Managing Partner of Credo Ventures. Matus Maar, Managing Partner of Talis Capital, commented: “Price f(x) has proven its ability to execute on its vision since we first invested a year ago and this makes us keen to participate in this new round as well.” Meanwhile, Ondrej Fryc, Managing Partner at Reflex Capital stated: “We have been impressed with Price f(x)’s leadership, which has been reinforced by top talent acquisitions over the past year, and its ability to scale the business in Europe and beyond. We are happy to join as a new investor and support the company on its mission to become the leader of the price optimization space.”

About Price f(x)

Established in 2011 in Germany, Price f(x) AG provides a full suite price management and CPQ SaaS solution based on a native cloud architecture, offering broad and flexible support across the entire price management lifecycle, including Price Strategy, Controlling, Setting, Optimization, and Realization. The solution is suitable for B2B and B2C as well as any industry facing the classical but also particular pricing challenges of commercial organizations of any size and geographical location. Price f(x)’s vision is to become and stay the leading SaaS pricing and CPQ solution provider through offering easy to use, fast to implement, flexible to adapt, risk-free and inexpensive, comprehensive solutions. Price f(x)’s business model is entirely based on satisfaction and loyalty of their customers, not about signing long-term commitments.



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