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AML BitCoin in tweede fase van ICO

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NAC Foundation, LLC heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat de initial coin offering (ICO) voor de AML BitCoin  met een maand is verlengd, zodat er ruimte is voor massaal toegestroomde nieuwe kopers. De verlenging komt ook tegemoet aan de huidige eigenaren van de munt, die problemen ondervonden bij het installeren van een gespecialiseerde ‘portemonnee’ waarin de innovatieve digitale munt wordt bewaard. AML BitCoin is ‘s werelds eerste digitale munt voor wettelijke nakoming waarvoor patent is aangevraagd.

De tweede ICO van de AML BitCoin gaat gepaard met een prijsstijging van 1 dollar naar 1,25 dollar. Geïnteresseerden in de iets duurdere tweede fase hebben al contact opgenomen met het bedrijf, dat de komende twee weken een verdere prijsstijging richting 1,50 dollar verwacht.



AML BitCoin Enters Phase II of ICO

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NAC Foundation, LLC announces today that the initial coin offering for the AML BitCoin – the world’s only patent-pending compliant digital currency – has been extended for another month to accommodate a torrent of last minute, new coin purchasers and the demands of thousands of current owners of the coin, who have had difficulty navigating the process of establishing the specialized wallet required to hold the innovative digital currency.

This second phase of the AML BitCoin initial coin offering will see an increase in the price of the coin, from US $1.00 to US $1.25. The company has already been contacted by prospective purchasers in the slightly higher priced Phase II, and anticipates a further price increase to US $1.50 within a week or two.

HitBTC, one of the world’s largest and most active digital currency exchanges, was prepared to list the AML BitCoin for trading on December 15, 2017, with anticipation that the frenetic worldwide activity and excitement greeting the new cryptocurrency would cement the coin as one of the world’s dominant digital currencies.

Instead, the coin will be listed mid-January 2018, giving time to NAC Foundation to process the flood of orders pouring into the company, and assist these new coin owners with the unique AML BitCoin wallet process.

NAC Foundation has not been consumed only with the massive response to the launch of AML BitCoin, but also with negotiations around the world to enable the coin, and its underlying patent-pending anti-money laundering and know your customer features, to be integrated into governmental and industry payment systems. NAC Foundation CEO, Marcus Andrade, anticipates a public announcement within the next month announcing a partnership with one of the largest Latin American companies in the financial sector.

Additionally, Andrade returns to Europe in a few weeks to conclude a series of partnerships with key governmental and industry stakeholders, that should rapidly advance AML BitCoin’s goal of becoming the one digital currency that merchants, banks and other commercial enterprises can safely utilize.

To participate in the AML BitCoin Token Sale, please visit www.amltoken.com.

About NAC Foundation

NAC Foundation, headquartered in the U.S., is the creator of the AML BitCoin, the world’s only patent-pending digital currency with anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, anti-terrorism and theft-resistant properties. AML BitCoin is compliant with all major national security and financial protection laws and regulations, including the USA PATRIOT Act and the Bank Secrecy Act. NAC’s mission is to strengthen the acceptance and use of digital currencies by advancing throughout the world security compliance, combined with blockchain technology. For more information, please visit www.amlbitcoin.com or www.amltoken.com.

AML BitCoin is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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