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Mobidiag tekent overeenkomst met Interlux voor de distributie van Amplidiag® diagnostische testen en instrumenten in Estland

ESPOO, Finland– (BUSINESS WIRE)– Mobidiag Ltd, een Fins bedrijf voor moleculaire diagnostiek, kondigt vandaag een distributieovereenkomst aan met Interlux OÜ, leverancier van technologieën voor de geneeskunde, wetenschap en biotechnologie-industrie. Met deze overeenkomst wordt Interlux de exclusieve distributeur van de Amplidiag® productlijn in Estland, diagnostische in-vitrotests en compatibele instrumenten voor de detectie van gastro-intestinale infecties.

‘’Dankzij een groot distributienetwerk is onze Amplidiag productlijn nu te verkrijgen in de meeste West-Europese landen. Deze nieuwe distributie overeenkomst zorgt ervoor dat we de Amplidiag productlijn in de Balkanregio kunnen introduceren, te beginnen met Estland. We zijn erg blij dat we deze nieuwe samenwerking met Interlux kunnen aangaan om ons te ondersteunen in deze nieuwe markt “, aldus Miquel Vernet, CCO bij Mobidiag.


Mobidiag Signs Agreement with Interlux for the Distribution of Amplidiag® Diagnostic Tests and Instruments in Estonia

ESPOO, Finland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Mobidiag Ltd, a Finnish molecular diagnostics company, today announced a distribution agreement with Interlux OÜ, supplier of technologies for medicine, science and biotechnology industry. Under this agreement, Interlux becomes the exclusive distributor of the Amplidiag® product line in Estonia, in vitro diagnostic tests and compatible instrument for the detection of gastrointestinal infections.

“Thanks to a large distribution network, our Amplidiag product line is now accessible in most Western European countries. This new distribution agreement allows us to introduce the Amplidiag product line to the Baltic region starting with Estonia. We are then very happy to start this new partnership with Interlux to support us in this new market”, said Miquel Vernet, CCO at Mobidiag.

“Cooperation with Mobidiag offers the customers of Interlux high-quality diagnostic results. I believe that together with Mobidiag we can improve the medicine in Estonia and offer solutions to laboratories that will have greater effect on the patient”, said Karin Kõnd, CEO at Interlux OÜ.

The agreement is effective immediately and covers all Amplidiag IVD tests (Amplidiag H. pylori+ClariR, Amplidiag Stool Parasites, Amplidiag CarbaR+VRE, Amplidiag C. difficile+027, Amplidiag Bacterial GE, Amplidiag Viral GE and upcoming Amplidiag CarbaR+MCR) as well as the Amplidiag Easy instrument.

About Amplidiag products
Amplidiag are innovative multiplex tests for the detection of gastrointestinal infections. They allow panel screening of the most relevant gastrointestinal pathogens. Based on well-established real-time PCR technology, they ensure optimal performance, suitability for high-volume screening use and cost-effectiveness in mid-sized to large laboratory settings. In addition, Mobidiag allows process automation from sample extraction to PCR set-up with the Amplidiag Easy system.

About Mobidiag Ltd
Established in 2000, Mobidiag develops innovative solutions to advance the diagnosis of infectious diseases and serves the European clinical diagnostics market since 2008. Mobidiag is headquartered in Espoo, Finland, with a subsidiaries in France, UK and Sweden.
Mobidiag addresses both high to medium volume screening with the Amplidiag Easy instrument, bringing the Amplidiag suite further by automating the workflow from sample to results, and the upcoming Novodiag® instrument & associated panels for fully automated diagnostics for targeted and syndromic testing, and suitable for smaller volumes and labs.
Visit www.mobidiag.com.

About Interlux
Interlux is an international company providing to the customers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia safe and effective, highest-quality technologies for medicine, science and biotechnology industry. Since the start of its activity in 1994, the Company has been continuously and successfully growing while expanding the range of the products and diversifying its activities. Interlux opened an office this year in June in Estonia, starting actively the business in current territory and now covering the whole Baltics. Today Interlux represents more than 250 brands of the top world-famous producers, has over 1 million different products and a team of nearly 100 employees only in Lithuania.



Mobidiag Ltd
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