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Tata Motors presenteert ‘Connecting Aspiratoins’ als nieuwe merkidentiteit voor internationale markten

MUMBAI, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In het kader van zijn in 2016 ingezette transformatie is Tata Motors begonnen aan een veelomvattend project voor corporate branding. De basis wordt gevormd door een diepgaande analyse van de huidige staat van het bedrijf en de gewenste toekomst, waarna Tata Motors zijn nieuwe merkidentiteit definieert als ‘Connecting Aspirations’ in 46 markten over de hele wereld.

“‘Connecting Aspirations’ staat als nieuw motto voor de persoonlijkheid van het merk als onderling verbonden systeem van vervoerssystemen die intelligent, meevoelend, warm en expressief zijn. Het is een symbolische slogan die het verleden, het heden en de toekomst in woorden vat; Bescheiden maar gedurfd, een statement maar ook een uitdaging. Het definieert de wijze waarop Tata Motors communiceert met zijn interne en externe betrokkenen en fungeert als allesomvattend gidsprincipe in alle bedrijfsonderdelen.”



Tata Motors Charts Out ‘Connecting Aspirations’ As Its New Corporate Brand Identity in Global Markets

MUMBAI, India–(BUSINESS WIRE)– As part of the company’s transformation journey undertaken in 2016, Tata Motors commenced a comprehensive project to articulate its corporate branding. Basis a thorough analysis of the existing and the desired future state of the Company, Tata Motors has defined its new brand identity as ‘Connecting Aspirations’ across 46 markets, internationally.

‘Connecting Aspirations’, as the new defining maxim, represents the personality of the brand as an interconnected system of mobility solutions, that are intelligent, perceptive, warm and expressive. It’s a symbolic tagline that represents the company’s past, present and future. It is humble yet bold, a statement as well as a challenge. It will define the way Tata Motors communicates with its internal as well as external stakeholders, and work as an all-encompassing guiding principle across business units.”

Speaking on the company’s newly defined brand identity, Mr. Rudrarup Maitra, Head, International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors Ltd, “We are delighted to announce our new Corporate Brand Identity across global markets. Today, the new age consumer seek specific forms of self-expression, purpose and connect; through technology and experiences in the ecosystems they choose to create. Through ‘Connecting Aspirations’, it is our endeavor to now translate the form and intent of our new brand promise into implementation, which is visible and emotional. Tata Motors has always kept customers and their aspirations at the heart of its business, and has repeatedly pioneered innovative mobility solutions that have always been the benchmark in the CV industry for several product segments.”

Driven by passion and imagination, Tata Motors has introduced enriching offerings in line with customer aspirations and continues to stand strong as a symbol of innovation and disruption for its customers. The acquisition of every Tata Motors vehicle, regardless of segment, marks an important milestone in the realization of a bigger, much-coveted aspiration or dream.

Representing the Company’s commitment to take personalization to the next level, ‘Connecting Aspirations’ defines Tata Motors as a brand that intuitively understands people and imagines mobility in all its forms.

About Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited, a USD 42 billion organisation, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks and defence vehicles. As India’s largest automobile company and part of the USD 100 billion Tata group, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, and Indonesia through a strong global network of 76 subsidiary and associate companies, including Jaguar Land Rover in the UK and Tata Daewoo in South Korea. In India, Tata Motors has an industrial joint venture with Fiat. Engaged in engineering and automotive solutions, with a focus on future-readiness and a pipeline of tech-enabled products, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and among the top in passenger vehicles with 9 million vehicles on Indian roads. The company’s innovation efforts are focused on developing auto technologies that are sustainable as well as suited. With design and R&D centres located in India, the UK, Italy and Korea, Tata Motors strives to pioneer new products that fire the imagination of GenNext customers. Abroad, Tata cars, buses, and trucks are being marketed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Australia, CIS, and Russia.

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