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Maak jouw game compleet! Dertiende Global Game Exhibition G-STAR begint met succes

  • De expo heeft records gevestigd met 2.857 stands van 676 bedrijven uit 35 landen
  • Geeft beeld van een reeks nieuw gelanceerde games met verschillende genres en groottes

BUSAN, Zuid-Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De opening van de  G-STAR Game Show and Trade All Round 2017, een internationale game-expositie die de internationale gamebranche en toekomstige mogelijkheden verkent, is op 16 november aangekondigd in BEXCO Busan.

G-STAR 2017, dat dit jaar zijn dertiende editie beleeft, wordt georganiseerd door de Korea Game Industry Association (K-GAMES) samen met de co-organisatoren G-STAR Organizing Committee en Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency.



“Complete Your Game!” The 13th Global Game Exhibition G-STAR 2017 Opens to Success

  • The exhibition reached record success featuring 2,857 booths by 676 companies from 35 countries
  • It showcases an array of newly released games of various genres and scales

BUSAN, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The start of the G-STAR Game Show and Trade All Round 2017, an international game exhibition that examines the global gaming industry and its future possibilities, was announced at BEXCO, Busan, on November 16th.

Celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, G-STAR 2017 is hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association (K-GAMES) and co-organized by the G-STAR Organizing Committee and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency. It runs for 4 days from the 16th to 19th (Sun).

Opening Ceremony of G-STAR 2017 (Photo: Business Wire)

This year’s G-STAR 2017 has been a record success, bringing together 676 companies from 35 countries and exhibiting 2,857 booths – a 5.0% increase from the previous year.

G-STAR 2017 Breaks Attendance Record Once Again

Chairman of the G-STAR Organizing Committee Shin Chul Kang emphasized that “this year’s G-STAR broke attendance records, drawing in participants early on with applications closing early for the BTC Hall during the advance registration period.” He added that he “appreciates the enthusiasm from the industry, and will continue to make every effort to make G-STAR a platform for celebration and a place of business for the game industry.”

Each participating company is showcasing its new platform-specific releases such as PC online, mobile, VR, and consoles that they have long prepared for this year’s G-STAR.

Business Area – STRONG Demand from SME Businesses

To ensure smooth business operation, the G-STAR Organizing Committee has widened the aisles and space between each booth to ensure enough space for each SME participant.

Chairman of the G-STAR Organizing Committee Shin Chul Kang said “the number of SMEs wanting to have a business meeting with domestic buyers in the G-STAR Business Area has increased,” and that he “hopes that the Korean companies may achieve practical business results, as they hold a competitive edge with their creativity.”

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